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You will find current topics, trends and tips to assist property buyers in these posts.

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REA insights

House Hunting: Watch, Wait, Buy.

The old saying what goes up, must come down is true for the property market too. Never right down. But there will always be peaks and troughs in the property market, just like anything else in life…

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Conscious Interior Design

As we’re all becoming more environmentally conscious, there’s been an increased appetite for conscious design, which is eco-friendly too, due to its use of sustainable furnishings and non-toxic finishes…

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Buying OS: A Growing Market

While some millennials are chasing FOMO with OS holidays for the ’gram, many other clever millennials are looking OS for property investment. In fact, the number of Aussies turning to the international property market is growing, especially for young people…

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Make Moving Breezy, Not Crazy

Moving. It’s right up there with a trip to IKEA on a Saturday. There are not people out there that don’t find moving a stressful experience. There’s just so much to co-ordinate that you’re almost waiting for something to go wrong…

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The Upside of Downsizing

We all come to a point in our lives when we ask ourselves, is bigger really better? Many of us slave away to afford that big dreamhouse and then we get it and realise the maintenance and cleaning is not so dreamy. Were you actually happier in your 3-bedroom home with a cute courtyard? Perhaps …

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