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Bugs need shelter from the rain too… make sure it’s not in your home

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With all the rain we’ve had throughout Sydney over the last few months, it’s little wonder many of you have been left shrieking in surprise because your home has suddenly been overtaken by unusual underground bugs.

I mean, if you’d told me six months ago that Mole Crickets were a real thing and they bite, I’d have commended you for having a brilliant imagination. And did you hear this weekend’s news where we now have cane toads in Sydney?! But seriously, guys. Where are all these critters coming from, and why?

There is a reason that some weird and wonderful bugs can be discovered after heavy rain, and it all comes down to an issue of ‘homelessness’.


The problem?

Short answer: ground-dwelling bugs become temporarily ‘homeless’ after heavy rain, so naturally, they need a place to go…

Long answer: when it rains, the holes and cracks these bugs inhabit in the ground fill up with rainwater. You’d think the insects living here would drown, but instead, it forces them to climb up out of the ground and – you guessed it, find shelter in your house.


The invasion begins…

 Ever ducked into your attached garage during or after heavy rainfall, only to find an unusual amount of bugs taking shelter under your belongings? And who’s that jumping up the hallway trying to remain incognito? Oh, hello there, Mr. Cricket!

As with most people, bugs don’t particularly enjoy getting wet in the rain. So in the same way we run for shelter in a storm, the insects in and around your property are looking for a safe haven to escape the rain – and your house is naturally the most inviting place for these little guys.


Prevention is key

Before you call your local pest control guy to get on the job, take a moment to consider the simple steps you can take to prevent these bugs from entering your home in the first place.

Once the weather clears up, take a moment to assess your front and back yards. Are your trees overgrown? Hedges looking like something from the Addams’ family garden? Bushes overhanging the path? Give these areas a little TLC by trimming unkempt plants and trees, and inspecting the trunks and soil around these areas for signs of underground insect colonies.

Remember, a few bugs here and there is very normal, so we certainly don’t want to overstep by interfering with Mother Nature beyond what is necessary. Simply focus on tidying up your gardens so as not to create an inviting habitat for insects to set up home in.

Next, ensure all access points to the inside of your house are blocked. For example, check that your front and back doors have a quality rubber seal at the bottom to prevent creepy crawlies from sneaking inside on a rainy day. Failing this, there are always good ol’ door sausages available at any good home and outdoor store.

If you want to take that next step to ensuring the usual culprits such as cockroaches, spiders and other icky bugs steer clear of your home, have a pest spray professional give your home, yard and windows the once-over with their recommended spray to deter bugs from trying to get inside.

But know that while these sprays are über effective, they aren’t sophisticated enough to keep out harmless bugs such as crickets.


What should I do if I discover an infestation of bugs on my property?

Ok, now it is time to call your local pest control specialist. The professional ‘bug guy’ is likely to apply a water-activated chemical to your yard, as well as the sides and ‘seams’ of your house to create a chemical ‘blocker’ that deters bugs from entering and even approaching your home.

The granular chemical will be inactive until the next rainfall, but when the rain does come, the grains will become a pesticide that kills the majority of insects coming from underground. Once this is activated, you can rest easy and enjoy a bug-free home once again.

So there you have it, folks! No need to fret about the possibility of these yucky pests entering your home en mass ever again if you implement these tried and true techniques.

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