Property: Unit
Attributes: 3 bed 1 bath 2 car
Purpose: Property Investment
Acquired Via: Pre-Auction Offer
Time to Acquisition: 5 weeks from service engagement

As an overseas buyer, our client put complete trust in the K&M team and our ability to secure both a high growth and high yielding property within Sydney on a tight budget. 

Historical growth of 160% over the past 10 years and projected average of 110% growth over the next 10 years made this townhouse an attractive option for our client.

Low strata, ready to tenant with <1% vacancy rates, and above 5% yield – all within a 20km radius of Sydney’s CBD meant a fabulous investment option on a tiny budget.

Working hard to get a deal done for the best price possible (and far below that which we’d pay at auction) meant we delivered in the top 1% of results for our client. Start to finish in just over 1 month.