Property: House
Attributes: 3 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer 
Acquired Via: Off-market Purchase
Time to Acquisition: 14 days from service engagement

Sometimes we can have our dream home and dream location but simply not be able to stretch our budget to buy what we want. This was the situation with our lovely First Home Buyer family.

Knowing we had less than 1% chance of finding the unicorn, we set out with our Plan B. Suddenly an off-market property that was in the #1 dream location came onto the radar of the K&M team!

This dream home was at the top end of the budget, but also able to be secured at $200,000 less than if it were to sell on-market. We knew this was a deal too good to miss, so we dug in to get the deal done. Our clients were ecstatic that they were able to purchase in their preferred suburb, in budget, and within 2 weeks of engaging their K&M Property Buyers Agent.