Property: House
Attributes: 3 bed 2 bath 3 car
Purpose: Next Home Buyers
Acquired Via: Pre-Auction Offer
Time to Acquisition: 7 days from service engagement

Looking for the next home with kids in tow is never an easy task. Our clients were keen to delegate their house hunt to the team at Kitty & Miles to free up their time (and hopefully save some money too!)

In record time the perfect home was found and snapped up before other buyers had the chance to compete. This purchase was strategically set up and executed to ensure our clients secured the home of their dreams, and at the best price possible.

Not only avoiding the whole open inspection on weekends fiasco, but being able to find and secure their next family home in just a week, was music to our clients ears. Ecstatic with their purchase and ravings fans of the K&M team too!