Real Client stories

Buyers Agent Redfern House

Example 1 - Full Search Service

Property: Apartment/Townhouse
Attributes: 1 bd 1 bath 0 car
Purpose: Investment
Acquired Via: Pre-auction Sale
Price Guide: $625, 000
Sold Price: $571, 000                                                                                                    Gross Rental Yield: 5.3%
Our Service Fee: $9, 900              

Our Client Saved: $44, 100 – even after payment of our Full Search Service fee.

Our client was looking for an investment property in Sydney that would offer an exceptional rental yield as well as solid capital growth. In a weakened Sydney property market this task took our utmost expertise to achieve. Nevertheless, we secured this property pre-auction and within only a few short weeks from time of service engagement. Our client was so thrilled with the result they enlisted us immediately to purchase a second investment property interstate…

Example 2 - Evaluation and Negotiation Service

Property: House
Attributes: 3 bd 2 bath 1 car
Purpose: Family Home
Acquired Via: Off-Market Sale
Price Guide: $1.51M
Sold Price: $1.45M
Our Service Fee: $2,200

Our Client Saved: $57,800 – even after payment of our Evaluation and Negotiation Service fee.

Our clients were a lovely couple who were looking to secure their new home. By the time they engaged our services they had sourced property after property that had fallen through prior to contract exchange. To say they were frustrated and tired is an understatement! We reached out to the sales agent of the most recent property our clients had sourced. Through liaison with this agent we were able to source an off-market listing which was exactly what our clients were looking for. Better still, we managed to negotiate the purchase price and terms of sale to within our clients’ favour – providing them with a short settlement and saving them literally tens of thousands of dollars in the process…

Example 3 - Sale By Auction Service

Property: House
Attributes: 2 bd 1 bath 0 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer
Acquired Via: Auction
Appraisal: $870,000
Sold Price: $815,000
Our Service Fee: $2,200

Our Client Saved: $52,800even after payment of our Evaluation and Negotiation Service fee.

Our client was a single millennial looking to purchase their first home. Being new to the property market, our client was unsure of the best way to acquire their preferred property at auction. After assisting our client with expediting their finance approval, we attended the on-site auction with them and bid on their behalf on auction day. The auction stalled well below the reserve price. The pressure was on from both the vendor’s agent and the auctioneer to provide a bid that would put the property on market. In this high pressure environment we proceeded to put forward a bid that the vendor’s agent initially rejected. Encouraging the agent to take the offer to their vendor, the vendor accepted our offer. Our client was ecstatic to have won their dream first home at auction – and well below both reserve price and the property’s appraised price…