Frequently Asked Questions

There are often questions you may have that others, also, may have.

Below we have answered some of our frequently asked questions.

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Is your Buyers Agent fee payable per property?

Our Buyers Agent fee is payable only once per property acquired, per brief. In the case that, for whatever reason, we do not succeed in acquiring your property for you first time, we simply move on to acquiring the next preferred property for you with no additional fee payable by you. This process may be repeated as many times as it takes, for the same low fee, until we acquire your desired property for you (up to a maximum of three properties in the case of the Evaluation and Negotiation Service or Sale by Auction Service). However, should you substantially change your property brief along the way please be aware a new retainer fee shall then be payable.


How long does it usually take you to to acquire a property for a client?

The longest it has taken us is 24 weeks from date of service engagement to sale contract exchange. The fastest we have acquired a property is 4 days from the date of service engagement to sales contract exchange. Our average buying time (contract exchange) is 3-5 weeks from date of service engagement.


Do I pay your Buyers Agent service fee up front before we start?

For our Auction Bidding Service, Evaluation and Negotiation Service, Sale By Auction Service,  Full Search Service and SMSF Property Purchase Service we request a “get started” fee, with the service fee balance payable only when sales contracts are unconditionally exchanged between parties (e.g only once we have acquired your property for you) – this is often termed a “success” fee.


What is your success rate for acquiring properties for your clients?

We have an unblemished, 100% success rate. To date, we have acquired property for each and every client that has engaged and completed our Evaluation and Negotiation, Sale by Auction, Full Search, or SMSF Property Purchase Buyers Agent services. Whether the property be in a metropolitan or rural area, Sydney or Adelaide, Bathurst or Cremorne, we have secured that property for our client. 


Do you have any reviews I may read to feel reassured about your service?

Yes, absolutely! We have over sixty (60) 5-star Google reviews as well as a number of 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Our Google reviews may be read by clicking HERE. We are really chuffed that we have satisfied so many clients and assisted each and every one of them with their property purchase.


I’m still not sure. What if I am unhappy with your service?

If, for any reason, within the first seven (7) days of engaging our Buyers Agent services  you are not entirely happy with us we will refund your fees in full. No questions asked and no hard feelings. (Just FYI, we have not once been asked for a refund ☺️)!