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Interior Designs Trends to Keep You Busy in Lockdown


Spring has sprung. Boing! And while many of us might be getting cabin fever and itching to get out amongst the sun shining and the birds singing, at least you can make your home a Spring paradise in the meantime. Let’s take a look at 7 Spring interior design trends that can keep us busy.


One. Maximalist approach to decorating.

Give Marie Kondo a mad case of anxiety by creating busy-busy interiors. If you love colourful decoration, you’ll love this maximalist approach that channels free-spirited and uber creative Bloomsbury artists. Colour, colour, colour, to the max. Bravely mix contrasting patterns and harmonise the look with one or two grounding tones or patterns to tie it all together. If you’re not familiar with the Bloomsbury artists, take a look at their work. They painted not only their walls but their furniture too! Anything is possible. Get busy by mixing large scale wall décor with small decorative details.


Two. Combine checks and stripes.

It’s pretty clear there’s a common theme here – bravery. Through caution to the wind and combine checks and stripes in new season colours. While it sounds a little hectic, if you get it right, you’ll get it so right. Mix and match patterns in different scales and sizes to create the right balance. Delicately patterned cushions and eiderdown can soften the effect of the stripes and checks on the wall and bed.


Three. Sculptural furnishings.

Get curvy with carefully curated displays of shapely figures. These organic forms can take centre stage and create quiet drama in neutral spaces. Both sculptural furnishings and lights can be both beautiful and practical. If you love ceramics, group the pieces together behind glass or on a window shelf. There’s something special about curved and shapely furnishings, it really invites your eyes to dance across your interior spaces.


Four. Be bold with primary.

There’s a new trend that’s giving interiors an artistic edge – using two primary colours against a mute palette. Try using a statement lamp with fierce personality as a way to bring colour into a neutral space – using vibrant colours will help you stand out from the crowd. In larger spaces, you can use wooden furniture and then sprinkle with bright primary colours.


Five. Escape with wall murals.

Get some serious escapism happening with tropical wall coverings full of lively patterns or dreamy scenes to take you to another place – because well, you can’t go for real! Think oversized plant life and incredible artists like Frida Kahlo gracing your loungeroom walls. It’s bold and it’s awesome.


Six. Rustic vogue.

A sophisticated take on cottage-core, this look is a real crowd pleaser. It appeals to anyone that loves their modern home comforts but just wants to add a little character into their living spaces too. It’ll work well if you have a home which already has interesting features built into its structure – things like exposed beams. original floorboards or panelled walls. Reclaimed wood is one of the materials that holds the look together – look for unique pieces that show plenty of grain and texture, rather than items that are perfectly finished.


Seven. Colour in with yellow and grey.

This year, Pantone couldn’t name just one but two colours of the year – a zingy yellow and a pale grey. The selection of these two colours wasn’t by accident – design always at the core with Pantone. They represent both strength and hopefulness. Isn’t that something we could all use in our homes right now?


And on that note…

It’s time to get busy decorating your home with your new Spring look. Keep the lockdown creepy thoughts at bay with a new splash of colour in your home. It’s a great way to get through the tricky times. Happy decorating!