Your Home Resort Isolation Renovation

Isolation Renovations

Your Home Resort Isolation Renovation

Over the past month, we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before. It’s our civic duty, after all. It’s nice. All of sudden there seems to be a little more time in the day. Isn’t that what we’ve always wanted? Well, yes, but what about all of our activities that made us happy? We’re staying home safe and sound from COVID-19, but many of us are sure copping a fair dose of Cabin Fever.

But there is light. We can use this spare time on our hands to make our homes even more liveable and can add value, while we’re at it. Here are a few ideas to make your home a little more lifestyle-friendly.


Your home resort.

Summer’s over, but if you’re in the north / north-eastern states, it’s still swimming weather. And if not, you can always add heating to your pool. It sure would make these slower days a little more relaxing. Whether it’ll eventually add value to your property though, is debatable. On property search sites, ‘swimming pool’ is regularly the number 1 search term in every state, except Tasmania. But when selling, it can be a negative for some groups of buyers, including the elderly, some families and investors. But while it may not add to your value, it will absolutely add to your lifestyle.


Your home bar.

A wet bar is a luxury space in your home that can really add value. And it doesn’t have to be a huge renovation. You can add it to a current entertainment /living space. The biggest job will be organising plumbing for a sink, so if you think you can live without that for now, you could opt for a dry bar – you could always add a sink and plumbing later. If you wanted to go extra simple, you could just add an exquisite cabinet to your lounge room – of course, this won’t add value to your home, but it might help keep you sane over the Covid months.

Inspiration pics (8) cabinet (9) Closet bar (11) wine rack wall (22) Full shebang


Your home gym.

We haven’t yet been banned from exercising outside just yet, but if things get worse, we’ll need to make sure there’s room to get physical at home – it’s important for our mental health too. Not every home is overflowing with space for a gym, but if you’re lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, you could transform it into a gym with some equipment and space to stretch. You’ll really appreciate mirrored wardrobes if you have them. (P.S. I have done this and it has been a sanity saver!)

But even if you don’t have a spare room, you can create a balcony gym, an outdoor / under the house gym or if you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even create a climbing wall on the exterior of your home. Basketball hoops and trampolines are good active options too.


Your sanity zone.

We’ve never spent more time with our children. And while it’s really nice to finally have some quality time with our loved ones, we all need a little distance at times. It makes the heart grow fonder, right? So perhaps now it’s finally time for that Parents’ Retreat. It could be a separate build to your main house, an extension or you may just have to repurpose a room, far, far away from the children’s room and living spaces. In some cases, the Parents’ Retreat is an epic bedroom with stacks of space – and this has recently become a huge focus for home buyers. So, if you can extend your bedroom or create a space just for parents, you’ll most certainly reap the rewards now and later, when you sell.


Your home restaurant.

Never have we ever appreciated our great outdoors so much, so if you don’t currently have an alfresco-dining area, it could be a good time to get stuck into a bit of DIY or get a tradesperson to build your lovely deck. Wooden decks are one of those great lifestyle renovations that have a positive ROI. Often recovering around 106% of the cost, more of course, if you do it yourself. While we’re trapped at home, getting outdoors and spending some time in the sunshine will be great for our well-being. You could even set up a date night one evening and make the kids your waiters!


Your home office.

Creating a home office isn’t so much of a renovation as it is purchasing the right furniture for your spare bedroom. But once again, if you don’t have the luxury of a spare bedroom, you could renovate a corner space of a room in your house to create a study nook. If it’s organised well, it might be all your need. Click here for more tips on your home office and working from home.


Your home park.

The parks are closed. The kids are crushed. And have energy they need to burn. You can buy pretty good quality park / playground equipment for around $1000. And of course, you have the option to resell the equipment once we’re no longer housebound. Could be worth it for your sanity? Might save you from spending more time in the home bar lol.


What else?

There are of course, little things you can do around the house to make life a little nicer. Try turning your second bathroom into a day spa. Do a little back / front yard camping. Paint a wall. The little things we do right now can have a big impact on our well-being. Sometimes looking after your home is looking after yourself too.

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