Latest Client Buys - April 2021

Buyers agent Sydney


Being a young couple trying to get into the Sydney housing market on a tight budget is never fun. Doing so in early 2021 with the crazy market shenanigans of recent made our clients feel they should give up their dream. Maybe they should just go for an apartment instead…?

Determined to get them the land footprint to set them up strongly as first home buyers, we pulled out every single stop with this particular matter.

We managed to find a property within their tight budget, that we acquired for a bargain price, and that ticked all their boxes and then some! Another K&M success story!


Buyers agent Sydney


While pressure is on to deliver property buying magic for clients everyday, this particular day and this particular auction was of great challenge.

The clients are close personal friends (like family) and the pressure was on to acquire this property for our first home buying couple. This purchase was very close to the heart.

All due diligence boxes were ticked and auction day arrived. This auction was a fierce battle, with a hundred or more parties present in attendance.

It doesn’t matter who is there, who bids, or what tactics are used by other bidders to out psych their opponents. All that matters is that we win for our clients – which we did.

Buyers agent Sydney

North Kellyville

It’s not everyday that the stars align in the world of a buyer’s agent whereby a client signs up, a property is there, it’s a winner and you come up trumps on auction day – all within the space of 3 days from service engagement!

But this scenario is exactly that. A premium block of land, flat and of substantial size, as well as offering a wide frontage, was found and it ticked the boxes for our client. The key was winning this property on auction day.

A tough, slow, and uphill auction battle took place, providing an edge-of-your-seat experience for onlookers. But in the end we won and that’s all that matters.

Buyers agent Sydney


Stepping into the Sydney property market in the midst of an unprecedented price surge is not the easiest for home buyers, but our clients did just that.

Our goal was to acquire the dream home for our clients whilst ensuring they felt comfortable, relaxed and supported no matter the mayhem that was occurring in the property market.

We not only managed to source the absolute dream home for our lovely clients, but with strategic auction ability we secured this property well within our clients’ budget.

A stress-free, even pleasurable, home buying experience was the result for our clients.