Latest Client Buys - february 2022

Buyers agent Sydney


When a property is about to sell TODAY and your clients decide this is the home for them you know you need to think on your feet!

The team at Kitty & Miles managed to secure this lovely family home for our clients – from the hands of another imminent buyer with smooth, stress free efficiency.

It’s not just about sourcing property, attending inspections or winning at auction. High level buyers agent skills include innovative and divergent thinking, strategic acquisition ability, and advanced foresight. This is the K&M difference.

Under budget, well below market value and out of the hands of another buyer. Time for the bubbly!

Buyers agent Sydney



This is an occasion where the team at Kitty & Miles managed to source and acquire the magic unicorn property for our client.

Our brief was particular, our budget tight and the needs of our single parent property buyer were always front of mind.

We sourced the dream property, in the midst of our client and their family managing COVID, navigated private and open inspections and then celebrated with an auction win on the day – all stress-free for our client.

Our bidding strategy was where we excelled, taking control of the auction floor even with a budget that was shoestring. Winning at auction is every bit strategy and not necessarily how big your budget is.

Buyers agent Sydney

North Bondi


When you’re looking for your dream pad and you know exactly where you want to be, but your dream property isn’t for sale, what do you do?

You call on team Kitty and Miles to acquire your pad! A strategic and savvy acquisition took place for our lovely clients, allowing us to purchase exactly the property they wanted even though it was not for sale. All completed within circa 2 weeks from start to finish. 

Super happy clients. Need we say more?