Latest Client Buys - june 2021

Buyers agent Sydney


Our clients had no trouble sourcing the property they considered worthy of being called home.

The issue was what to do after they sourced it – How much is it really worth? How much should we realistically consider paying for it? How do we not miss out at auction…?

Through a happy client we’d already secured for these clients decided to hand over the reigns and allow K&M to work our appraisal and auction bidding magic.

We secured this property for our clients under budget, under market value and within a strong Sydney property market. Time for the bubbly!

Buyers agent Sydney


To be truthful, we missed out at auction twice before we acquired our clients’ dream property. Each time we missed out at auction it was a blessing in disguise as FOMO was not going to encourage us to overpay!

Our aim was to keep focused, positive and certain with our purchase.

The property finally acquired was a capital growth goldmine waiting to happen and an exceptionally warm house to soon call home. Patience, persistence and positivity wins every time!

Buyers agent Sydney


When it comes to knowing what to buy as a property investor it pays to get it right – your financial future depends on it.

Our clients were keen to find an investment property in a growth location that would also provide them with the opportunity to add capital growth through upgrade works.

Having sourced the perfect off-market investment property we swooped to acquire within 4 hours of inspecting the property – great properties require fast acquisitions!

In a surging Sydney property market we acquired the dream investment property well under budget. This property was purchased for under 900k!

Buyers agent Sydney


It’s true. We typically take a month to purchase your dream home, even in a hot Sydney property market. Case in point.

Our client had been trying to buy for well over a year. Being assisted by K&M changed the property buying game for our client.

Dream home found – tick! Dream home acquired – tick!

All in a total of 2 property inspections and a few short weeks. Buying faster, cheaper and better for our clients is the name of the game at Kitty & Miles.

Buyers agent Sydney


Having missed out at auction prior, and getting disillusioned and frustrated, our clients’ mortgage broker encouraged them to have a chat to Kitty Parker “the auction whisperer”.

Providing our clients with advanced level research, data and property market intel gave them an advantage on all property buying fronts.

Being armed at auction with an auction bidding professional sealed the deal – under budget and precisely as appraised.

Accurate research and data, combined with savvy psychological strategy, allowed our clients to make their home dream a reality.