Latest Client Buys - November 2020


Our client felt this property was exactly what they were wanting - a sanctuary to come home to after a long day at work.

With the auction date brought forward and intense interest in this property, our client wanted to ensure they were the winning bidder at auction. What better way to do so than to engage a professional auction bidder with a 94% win rate at auction.

The auction was fast and bidding assertive. All that matters is that we won this property for our client and we came in under budget. Job done!


Our clients had found the apartment that was perfect for their needs. What to do next they thought? Get assistance with negotiations and due diligence. "Good thinking" we say!

This negotiation was not easy, with the agent being tougher and more stubborn than usual. They were no match for the K&M negotiators though.

Negotiating a HUGE saving for our clients - that made our clients happy they invested in our buyers agent services - 820% ROI within 1 week!


As our longest engaged clients we had seen it all together – crummy properties, overpriced properties, auction losses. We began to bond like family as we worked together for so long…

Then came the property that was beyond our clients’ budget, but they spotted it and mentioned it.

Deciding to go ‘all in’ and really push hard, we acquired this property within 6 days of first sighting, within a week of it being available, within 3 weeks of the auction date and…within their budget too (just!). Time to celebrate!