Latest Client Buys - September 2021

Buyers Agent Sydney

Franklin, A.C.T.

Buying property in a SMSF is never an easy task. There are many regulations and legislative requirements to take into account.

Navigating the stringent necessities of SMSF property purchases is where the team at K&M shine – delivering long term, not fly by night, capital growth and high yield producing property purchases for retirement wealth creation.

This purchase was no exception. 

We regularly purchase SMSF properties for clients and recognise the art in ensuring these property purchases equip our clients for their later years – and are not just the latest hot spot hype. 
Buyers agent Sydney


Our First Home Buyer clients were not keen on attempting to source and acquire their first home in the hot Sydney property market. Thankfully, a word of mouth referral sent them to Kitty & Miles.

Having sourced the right property for our clients according to their quite specific brief, we set about ensuring all due diligence was satisfactorily completed.

The last step was winning this property at auction. It was an extremely tough auction, bidding against many strong male personalities, but we did it and we WON. Our clients were thrilled!

Buyers Agent Sydney


It’s certainly not easy when you find precisely the perfect property but it is just beyond your budget…

This is where Kitty & Miles comes in.

Having found the dream home beyond budget our clients engaged our services so we may step in and negotiate a strategic pre-auction offer that the seller could not refuse.

Deal done and within our clients’ budget too!

Strategy, psychology, and market know-how is what Team K&M do best.

Buyers Agent Sydney

Phillip, A.C.T.

When taking on solo parent clients there is an extra layer that is often unspoken – knowing the property purchase is needing to be part of a one-parent wealth creation strategy for the family.

We do not take this situation lightly. It often involves a nervous client whom has a lot invested in the purchase, financially and emotionally. The level of emotional support is often greater than the average client as the solo-parent client leans on the buyers agent to ensure they are making a smart decision.

This property purchase was one of deep importance to our single mom and we ensured every step of the process was supportive and warm. A legacy in the making for her children!

Buyers agent Sydney


It’s never easy for first home buyers to take that leap into the Sydney property market, but especially more troublesome in a hot Spring market.

Our first home buyers entrusted us with the task of finding their first home for them and with commitment we delivered their dream.

In under 4 weeks we had sourced and acquired their home, precisely to their specifications and well under budget – under budget even in a strong property market.

Happy clients = happy Team K&M!

Buyers agent Sydney

Hardys Bay

Officially our longest buying relationship ever, but neither of us gave up, no matter the hard yards we slogged!

Sometimes it’s not about the end goal, but the process itself – the pivoting, the teamwork, the managing of emotions, all the tough bits and pieces that can go into the property buying journey.

Our clients at times expressed they were fearful we’d give up on them as they were “fussy”. We didn’t give up, but we supported, discussed, encouraged and dreamed with them.

In the end we found the unicorn property and our job was done. A wonderful result for lovely clients!