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A must-have for
first home buyers

A Buyers Agent may seem like a bougie service for people with property portfolios, but in reality, first home buyers can benefit more than anyone.

We’ll typically take you from sign up to purchase in under 6 weeks. No overpaying. No stress. No BS.

Buying your first home is an exciting, but sometimes daunting, experience. Without knowledge and prior experience, you’re more likely to make mistakes that could be costly. And if you’re buying in the intense and highly-competitive Sydney market, you’re definitely going to buy cheaper, quicker and with greater ease with the Kitty & Miles team by your side.

There’s so much to learn – from due diligence measures applied to signing the sales contract, what to look out for when inspecting a property, how to review building and pest reports, how to negotiate the sales process, how to successfully bid at an auction…and importantly how to maximise your buying budget in the short and long term.

With Kitty & Miles, you’ll appreciate friendly, intuitive customer care and advanced data driven property research, so you can be confident you’re making the right purchase that’ll improve your lifestyle and ultimately, net worth.

Our Sydney-based team has the award winning expertise to help you navigate the cut-throat Sydney market. We take the stress out of your first purchase and will even make it fun!

Maximising your
buying budget

When you’re starting out in life, you’ve really got to watch your bickies. But it’s more than saving by skipping the almond lattes – you need to be strategic in how you purchase your property.

With Kitty & Miles as your Buyers Agent, you’ll have access to property market knowledge and experience that can dramatically change how much you get for your money. Better house? Better location? Better future? Tick. Tick. Tick.

Advanced real-time data and award-winning knowledge in human behavior is central to how we buy homes for our clients. It helps us negotiate a better price and find properties in locations that will likely appreciate better capital growth, setting you up for success.

We’ll also make sure you’re aware of exactly how much money you have in your pocket and keep you up to date with the latest home buyer grants.

  • You’ll be made aware of all the additional costs associated with buying a home – building and pest, strata, conveyancing, etc.
  • You’ll also be made aware of ways you can add to your budget and save money – first home owners grants, first home buyers stamp duty exemption and first home buyers schemes (the government guarantees your loan, so you don’t have to pay mortgage insurance).

Navigating the
Sydney market

First home buyers in Sydney face many different challenges. It’s likely taken you quite some time to save your deposit and now you’re ready to buy – at this point you’re starting to realise the market is seriously competitive and you want to get it right. Just like landing a new job in this market, it’s not easy to get exactly what you want without serious commitment.

That’s why you need an expert Kitty & Miles Buyers Agent on your side – one that has time for you. With other buyers advocacy services you may find yourself being one of a hundred or more clients. The resulting customer service you receive may appear factory line, or simply lack that personal touch. You may be reassured to know that will never be the case with Kitty & Miles. We value you and your unique situation – you and your needs are our focus.

Knowing Sydney’s rapid property market-cycling is key to home buyer success in the big smoke. We live and breathe the Sydney market and see straight through sales agent marketing tricks and circus acts.

Our award-winning data methods also ensure we win nearly every auction we bid at – our win rate is over 90%. Winning your new home at auction in Sydney isn’t a gamble with us – it’s a finely tuned mathematical probability.

A better
buying process

Buying a home is a little different to any other purchase you’ll ever make – it takes time. Lots of it. If you’re going it alone, it’ll likely take you a lot longer because if you rush, you may make a terrible decision and end up with someone else’s problem while they ride off into the sunset, happy as a clam.

Ever heard the expression ‘Buyer Beware’? That means you accept the home as the condition it is when you buy it. If there’s something wrong and you haven’t picked it up, tough. That’s just one reason why you should seek the services of Kitty & Miles, but here are a few more:

  • No agent will be able to smooth talk you into a sale
  • Your emotions won’t blind you to cold hard facts of the market or issues with the home
  • We’ll keep you focussed on your non-negotiables – price, location, number of rooms etc
  • We’re here to help you avoid buying a trap:
    • We’ll help you connect with the right building and pest inspectors to check the structure of the building
    • We’ll check all the nitty gritty too by making sure everything is functioning properly and no secret mould etc
  • We’ll make sure it’s right for your lifestyle – level of maintenance, property features, vibe you seek etc.

We’ll be with you every step of the way and will take the time to really understand you on a human level. We aren’t property robots! We can provide full service for a private sale or an auction or you can just seek our help on what you need. From start to finish, our services include:

  • The search
  • The appraisal / evaluation
  • The negotiation
  • The bid / buy
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Settlement

What to expect when you sign up for the
complete concierge service with Kitty & MILES

While most buyers agents complete and invoice their services with you at the time of exchange of sales contracts, we will be by your side for the entire process. We take pride in providing an individually tailored, intuitive Buyers Agent service that concludes on your date of settlement.

The first step involves you reviewing a draft of our Buyers’ Agency Agreement. If everything feels right, you’ll sign it and we’ll start the process.

We’ll then send through a tax invoice for our retainer fee payment. Once this is finalised our services are officially enlisted.

We undertake property sourcing, shortlisting, inspections, and reporting for you. We’ll discuss the options until we whittle down to 1-2 preferred properties of interest.

We’ll liaise with your conveyancing solicitor, arrange building and strata inspectors etc to ensure all due diligence procedures are duly undertaken.

Strategy of acquisition is devised in consultation with you and negotiations (or auction bidding) are undertaken. Auction bidding is included within our service fee.

We’ll ensure smooth contract exchange occurs.

Toward settlement a final invoice is sent with the balance of our fee payable.

Yes, we even assist with settlement and ensure your transition to ownership is stress free and comfortable.

Kitty & Miles provides professional advocacy for all kinds of buyers and support at every stage of the buying process. Our innovative style of property research reduces cost, time, stress and legwork for you. We’ll typically get you into your new pad 6 weeks from sign up. So, are you ready to make the most of your buying budget?!

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