Recent Client Buys


It’s no secret that Kitty & Miles has a soft spot for assisting solo parents to realise their home ownership dreams. As Director Kitty Parker was once in this situation, it has become part of our company canvas.

This client purchase was for a working full-time mother and her infant child and there was a need to facilitate this property hunt and acquisition with speed and empathy.

Needless to say, we found the absolute dream apartment for our client, and secured the property under budget in a competitive Sydney market. 

Solo parents absolutely CAN be homeowners in Sydney, and K&M will help you get there!

Burwood Heights

Being First Home Buyers and being located interstate meant our lovely clients were really feeling nervous about their Sydney purchase.

They had absolutely nothing to worry about as they were clever cookies who decided to engage the Buyers Advocate services of Kitty & Miles.

The K&M team got the job done under market value, at lightening speed, and with no stone left unturned.

The result was out manouvering another buyer to ensure our clients were the successful purchasers – without overpaying of course! Consider it bought!


Our clients were very sure on what they were seeking for their family, but being able to effectively secure their dream in a hot property market was proving frustrating.

As our clients’ expert Buyers Advocate, our role involved education on how best to manufacture capital growth, how to strategically acquire in a strong property market, and how to navigate lender LVR specifics. We were not just your average Home Buyers Agent in this case.

Needless to say, we acquired the target property within 1 day of viewing. Our team of conveyancer, building inspector and Buyers Agent closed this deal in record time = ecstatic first home owners!


Being a First Home Buyer in a low inventory market brings its own unique set of obstacles. Our savvy client knew they’d optimise their situation by getting Team Kitty & Miles in their corner.

Even with hundreds of attendees at open inspections, and tough buyer competition, we knew how to circumvent the property market with precision. This precision paid off in droves for our client.

The result? A highly strategic acquisition that not only enabled our client to secure their dream home, but we also saved our client $100,000 on their purchase. All of this for a fee of just $9000. Winners are grinners!



Our clients were relocating from Tasmania and attempting to buy in Sydney from afar. Suffice to say, the struggle was very real!

Deciding to engage our Buyers Advocate services, the K&M team set out to acquire the perfect home for our interstate family.

It took less than 2 weeks to find the perfect home and dig deep with some very complex negotiation methods. This was NOT an easy purchase as we were determined to maximise an under market value buy.

We came up trumps and managed to buy in a tough market for less than the value of the property! Needless to say, our clients were thrilled with the result.



Our repeat client was keen to navigate the Sydney investment market with their sights on a short-term rental option.

Having assisted our client on previous occasions, we knew exactly the framework required to suit our client’s unique needs. We set out to make this concept a reality.
In under a month the deal was completed. Simple. Fast. Good value. Our client has now added an additional capital growth and rental yield winner to their property portfolio. 
Why waste months and years looking for the perfect property, when we go end to end in under 4 weeks for you and purchase at a better price than you could do so yourself? Smart investors choose K&M as their Buyers Agent.


Our client was looking for their ‘next chapter in life’ apartment, one that would feel bright and homely. In a low stock market, our client felt a little stuck with how best to secure their dream.

Never fear as the Kitty & Miles team swooped in to secure this perfect pad in just on a week. No need to stress about searching forever and then missing out on your desired property here!

Our team was able to accurately appraise and evaluate this apartment so as to enable our client to proceed with making an educated decision to purchase.

The purchase price was very reasonable and our client was thrilled with the result. 


When you’re looking for your very first place to call home you want to ensure you make the right decision and don’t end up buying a money pit. You also don’t wish to overpay and give away your hard earned money for nothing.

This is why our client sought our services – to make sure their purchase was optimised in every way possible!

Our acquisition was not easy, it very much took tactical skill and patience in variegating getting the deal over the line before auction day. The team at Kitty & Miles worked tirelessly to make sure our client could get a bargain – even in a low stock market!

The result? A very happy first home buyer whom didn’t need to settle for anything other than the perfect place to call their home – and at the right price too!


Our interstate client was seeking an investment property in NSW that may be suited to both the short-term and long-term rental markets. 

The brief also included the potential to value-add through aesthetic renovations, lifting capital growth and manufacturing equity for our client.

With an entry level budget, this task was not easy to achieve. But we did it! We secured the perfect investment property on a large block – and all for slightly less than market value too!

Even in a tough market there are gems to be acquired, and at a great price – if you’re with Team K&M.


When our client found their dream home they were ready to go all in. Thankfully, they reached out to Kitty & Miles before their purchase.

After a through evaluation, Team K&M determined we could strategically acquire this property and save our client nearly 100k. Our client was gobsmacked and didn’t believe we could save them that much money – surely not.

The result was not only certainly of acquisition – they got their dream home – but also a saving of 90k for our client. Our client is now a firm believer that our fee was the best investment they made!