Recent Client Buys

West Pymble

Looking for a home that is renovated to a high quality and also reasonably priced is not always easy in Sydney.

Our clients had been finding turn key homes were selling for an arm and a leg, so enlisted the team at Kitty & Miles to assist them to get the winning edge – and save money also.

We found the absolute dream home that was pristine from top to bottom. Negotiations were extremely tough and took a little longer than expected, but we managed to snap up this home under market value and without needing to go to auction.

Having found and secured the perfect next home for our clients in less than a month, and under market value, our clients were over the moon.


Being a young Gen Z in Sydney, it’s not easy to navigate the property market and know what information is fact and what is simply fiction. It’s also not easy to find something you’d like to call home when you’ve got a very modest budget.

Our client was looking for something that would serve them as a great stepping stone into the Sydney market, whilst also be a place they’d welcome calling home. The dream apartment was beyond their budget though…or was it?

Taking advantage of the days before Christmas, K&M managed to secure the perfect apartment at circa 10% below current market value. Timing was everything with this buy and we managed to make our Gen Z client’s dreams come true just in time for Christmas!


Being a First Home Buyer on a tight budget, but wanting to buy in a certain area that is typically expensive, meant we had to think outside the box and piece together a plan of action for our client.

Having a solid strategy underway, we set out to source just the right first home for our young client. We got so close the first time but the building had multiple defects and problems – we walked away at the 11th hour alas. 

Soon after, the team spotted this off-market and it was more than perfect! Some nifty negotiations took place, and then this off-market property found its new owner. Our happy client found her first Sydney apartment to call her very own.


Being the third home purchase for our clients, and having had two dud purchases prior, our clients sought assistance in ensuring this purchase was spot on.

Our clients were nervous, and understandably so, as they had experienced very traumatic home buying scenarios in the past. Feeling comforted, supported and validated was just as important as the house hunt and purchase itself.

Finding the perfect next home, our clients then wanted to ensure this one was going to deliver – in lifestyle enjoyment, personal preferences, and also future wealth creation.

This home ticked all the boxes and was secured within a heartbeat. Cheers to many years of happiness and finally a solid property purchase!