Auction Bidding Service

$ 2000
  • Attendance Fee of $750
  • Success Fee of $1250

Examples of Our Recent Client Purchases

What to expect when you sign up for this service?

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To engage our Auction Bidding service, we begin by drafting a Buyer’s Agency Agreement. This agreement protects all parties throughout our working relationship. We include details of your chosen property, your budget range etc within this agreement. This agreement is reviewed by yourself and signed by all parties.

Next we send you our tax invoice for our attendance fee of $750. Once this invoice if finalised our Auction Bidding buyer’s agent services are officially engaged (and we now get to the exciting part for you!)

We discuss your experience with the chosen property thus far – any inspections you’ve undertaken, your liaisons with the sales agent etc. 

You’ll be provided with a summary of the auction process from preparation through to contract exchange should you be the lucky bidder on the day.

We discuss and formulate our budget cut-off point together.

This price point will be derived via thorough research and appraisal of the chosen property, as well as your necessary/desired budgetary limits.

I provide comfort, support and guidance to calm pre-auction nerves as most clients tend to be a bit nervous with the idea of the auction.

My aim is for you to be armed with all the information required so as to feel as comfortable as possible with auction day and the overall auction process.

I will strategically and expertly bid on your behalf on auction day (I have a 94% win rate at auction).

You are welcome to join me on auction day at auction, or not. The choice is yours based on your level of comfort.

Should we be the winning bidder on auction day I will assist you with the signing of contracts, making your deposit payment and any other matters to be handled at this time.

It is not uncommon to have a complete brain freeze when you win your desired property at auction – so having someone to expertly hold your hand and ensure you’re crossing you ‘i’s’ and dotting your ‘t’s’ at the time of sales contract exchange is extremely important.

Deposit payment occurs immediately after the auction concludes.

Should you be the winning bidder I assist you with this process as usually clients are not quite thinking straight at this wonderful time!

We conduct a post-auction debriefing together to help you feel comfortable and at ease after the auction.

This is just as important as auction preparation and the auction day process itself.

Our success invoice will be forwarded to you, the balance being $1250. This fee is only payable if we have acquired your property for you.

You will receive our strategic guidance and unwavering support in preparation for auction day.

Have a buyer's agent with a 94% win rate at auction on your side.