The K & M Difference

Not all Buyers Agents are the same. We take pride in being the exception.

Our flawless 100% success rate speaks for itself.

We want to improve the way in which people buy property.

"The team at Kitty & Miles are driven, informed and an absolute delight to deal with. They strive to organically familiarise themselves with clients’ needs via a precise and holistic approach."
Sarah and James
Little Bay, Sydney


Exclusive Buyers Advocate. We work for the buyer and only for the buyer.

As your personal Buyers Agent, we are your property advocate and acquisition guideWe have no invested interest in any one particular property, no being in the pockets of real estate agents, no conflicts of interest and definitely no double dipping for profit. Our loyalty is squarely with our client – you.

As a Buyers Agent Eastern Suburbs we operate with utmost integrity, honesty, client loyalty and care. Our goal is to serve only your best interests in any service engagement.

We do not offer services to those selling their property, so you never have to question whether we are in your corner or playing for the “other team”. We work tirelessly to obtain the outcome that is most beneficial for you, so you acquire the property you desire at the best price possible – one of the reasons we have a flawless 100% success rate. 

The team at Kitty & Miles are your personal property purchasing advocates. There is no question about our buyer advocacy being upheld ALWAYS.

Values-Driven Company Model. We walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

There are many that will market themselves using the words ‘honesty’, ‘integrity’ and ‘customer-focus’. We are a values-driven company that prides ourself on being motivated by our soul core values: integrity, passion, bravery, and empathy. We mean what we say and say what we mean.

At Kitty & Miles each aspect of our service delivery to you, our client, is based on our need to operate with integrity. We will advocate on your behalf  with honesty, loyalty, and enthusiasm. Others may say it but we will do it in every aspect of our service delivery to you.

Down to our low fees – offering true value for money.

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Boutique Service Approach. Individual service delivery to each and every client.

We are a bespoke Property Buyers Agent service dedicated to assisting only a handful of clients at any one time. In this regard, we may expend our expertise on providing you with the most thorough and personal property purchasing assistance.

With other buyers advocacy services you may find yourself being one of a hundred or more clients. The resulting customer service you receive may appear factory line, or simply lack that personal touch. You may be reassured to know that will never be the case with Kitty & Miles. We value the unique requirements of each and every one of our clients. 

Our Buyers Agent services are individually tailored to our clients’ needs – to your needs.

The Kitty & Miles bespoke approach to business allows us to focus on a customer-centric experience. We are here to serve you in a warm, supportive and empathic manner. Our attention to you sets us apart from the others – you are our focus and only focus. It’s all about you and what you need.

At Kitty & Miles we aim to innovate the way in which people buy property. Instead of it being a sales-driven in-genuine experience, our focus on individual client advocacy is real. It’s about doing our best for our clients. Truly.

Advanced Market Psychology and Negotiation Skills. We know the strategies used by sales agents.

Buyers Agent Sydney - Sale By Auction Service

Buying and selling residential property with expertise involves advanced skills in negotiation and foresight – having an understanding of the real estate market and its stakeholders on a practical AND psychological level. 

How many buyer’s agents have multiple tertiary degrees at post-graduate level? At K&M you have one of Sydney’s top psychological negotiators on your side.

We know the ploys used by sales agents and we know how to close the deal with your best interests in mindWe are the Buyers Agency Sydney for a very good reason.

Advanced Level Education and Intelligence Qualifications beyond basic real estate licensing.

There is a new breed of real estate industry professional to be found at K&M. It is our mission to serve you with a highly qualified team so you may receive the utmost in high level buyer relevant information.

We are the buyers agents for those who are unsure of the market and are beginners. We are also the buyers agents for those whom have the questions and knowledge requirements only a team with advanced education can deliver. 

Being a top UNSW scholarship awardee and Founding Director of a highly successful multinational corporation means Kitty Parker can provide an unmatched buyers agent service to her C-suite level clients.

We believe it is not enough to do things as they’ve been done for the past 30 years. Our buyers agent services use innovative and real-time market data based on science, and not just years of untested experience. Our market analysis and property appraisal methods are progressive and cutting edge. 

Of most importance, our expertise in statistical analysis and data interpretation is of an advanced level. This allows us to give you all the necessary information you need, and answer all the intricate questions you may have, to make the right property decision for you. 

Why trust one of the largest purchases you will make in your life  on anyone else? Allow us to be in your corner!

 Extended Period of Service. We are by your side for the entire process.

We take pride in providing an individually tailored Buyers Agent service that concludes on your date of settlement. This is rare, as most Buyers Agents complete (and invoice) their services with you at the time of exchange of sales contracts (or else increase their fees subject to changing conditions).

At Kitty & Miles we understand there are still many loose ends to tie off after contract exchange and there may be many questions you still have. For example, there is a pre-settlement inspection that may optionally be undertaken by the purchaser. Would you like us to attend this inspection on your behalf? We can do that for you – and it is within our fee to do so.

As your trusted, local Buyers Agent we ensure all considerations are diligently attended to until settlement. That’s simply our service to you.

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Professional Services Hub. Our network of trade professionals are here for you.

If you are purchasing an investment property and require assistance with finding a reputable agent to manage the tenancy of your asset we have the property management expertise to assist you. We are happy to source the best real estate agent property management for your purposes, as well as negotiate your fees payable to them, prior to you signing any managing agency agreement. This service is complimentary with the purchase of our Full Service Buyers Agent package.

We also specialise in:

  • Having a tried and tested network of trusted conveyancers, pest controllers, property solicitors, structural engineers, surveyors, architects, interior designers and strata / building inspection companies;
  • Air BNB property rentals : fit-out, styling, photography and ongoing needs;
  • Property demolition, excavation, renovation, refurbishment and makeover.

We do not charge a fee to oversee projects handled by one of our network professionals, nor do we receive any financial gain through referring you to one of our trusted network professionals. Our goal is to provide the most streamlined property purchasing experience so as to alleviate any additional running around for you.

With a full demolition and renovation team at our fingertips Kitty & Miles can turn any piece of land, dilapidated home or worn out apartment into your dream property. Even better, we can do so at a very competitive price, without compromising on quality.

Our team has been hand-picked and we have sought only the very best in their respective fields. We are happy to manage all aspects of each project so as to bring you a holistic service approach – saving you valuable time and money.

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