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5 Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Bill This Winter

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The cost of living is ridiculous at the moment in Australia and winter is a season that is often accompanied by high electricity bills. Together this spells stress for many Aussies. With the cold weather comes higher heating costs, more frequent usage of lights, and electronics that help us stay warm and occupied during the winter months. 

However, you don’t have to be stuck paying sky-high electricity bills this winter. In this article, your favorite money-conscious Buyers Agent will be discussing her top 5 tips that can help you reduce your electricity bill and save both money and your sanity – all without sacrificing comfort during the coldest months of the year. 


Take Advantage of Natural Light

Natural light is the best way to light your home and stay warm during the winter months. Do not underrate the power of sunlight to heat your home. Try to open your curtains or blinds during the day to let natural light in. This can help you reduce your reliance on artificial lighting and keep your home warm. Make sure to close your curtains or blinds in the evening to help insulate your home and keep the warmth in at night.


Set Your Heating Appliance to a Reasonable Temperature

One sure fire way to reduce your electricity bill this winter is by adjusting your thermostat to a reasonable temperature. Try setting your thermostat to 21 degrees during the day and 18 degrees at night, which can reduce your heating bill by up to 15 percent. Investing in a programmable thermostat can help regulate the temperature more precisely without the need to constantly adjust it. It’s a simple tweak but highly effective.


Seal Your Doors and Windows

Draft-prone doors and windows are a common reason for winter heat loss. Make sure to seal any gaps or cracks around your doors and windows with weather stripping or caulking. This can help reduce the amount of warm air that escapes and cold air that enters your home, ultimately helping you save on your electricity bill. This could be literally hundreds of dollars of savings for you each year just with this one tip!


Unplug Electronics When Not in Use

Did you know that electronics consume energy even if they are not turned on? It’s called standby power, and it can account for up to 10% of your electricity bill. Make it a habit to unplug your electronics when they’re not in use – particularly the ones that aren’t necessary, like gaming consoles or Foxtel boxes. Alternatively, you can consider purchasing power strips with an on/off switch to easily power off multiple devices at once. 


Switch to Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Swapping out old incandescent bulbs for LED or CFL bulbs can significantly reduce your electricity bill. While the initial cost can be higher, these energy-efficient bulbs provide the same amount of light at a fraction of the energy cost and will last much longer than traditional bulbs. For example, switching from a 60-watt incandescent bulb to a 13-watt CFL bulb can save you around $50 over the life of the bulb.


Winter can be an expensive time of the year, what with heating and other electricity costs. But with a little bit of effort, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill this winter without compromising your comfort. So, why not give these tips a try and cut down on your winter energy expenses? If you’d like help with your home buying needs in general, please reach out to me via As a Buyers Advocate I’m on a mission to get every single Aussie a place to call home – that is their very own!

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