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Inspection Companion
Auction Bidding
Evaluation & Negotiation
Complete Concierge
Inspection of targetted properties on your behalf
Professional advice on development, capital works and value-additions to properties
Professional evaluation summary of properties
Professional assistance with auction day preparations
Estimation of auction day sales pricing with 90+% accuracy
Auction expert bidding at auction on your behalf
Expert assistance with exchange of sales contracts
Professional guidance with your required deposit payment
Professional advice on processes after sales contract exchange
Stringent real-time, data-driven property appraisals of target properties with 90+% accuracy
Strategic offer and sale negotiations undertaken on your behalf
Expert guidance on due diligence requirements
Provision of network of conveyancers, building inspectors, strata inspectors etc.
Project management of conveyancers, building inspectors, strata inspectors etc.
Education on brief formulation according to outcome requirements (e.g. capital growth, rental yield etc)
Sourcing of off-market, pre-market and on-market properties on your behalf
Door knocking of potential sellers on your behalf
Australia-wide network of local real estate agents sourcing property on your behalf
Property recommendations in top 5% outcome percentile
Comprehensive reporting on recommended properties
Comprehensive cashflow calculations provided for recommended properties
Unlimited service provision
Up to 3 properties

Complete Concierge Service

We do it all for you. 

Our Complete Concierge Service is our end-to-end service package. It’s invaluable to those who are time poor and/or new to the property market. From sourcing your preferred property through to settlement, we ensure you are not alone in the property purchasing journey. We work for you as your personal Buyers Advocate. All components of our Evaluation and Negotiation and Auction Bidding services are included as you may need in this top-shelf service option.

With our secret property buying formula, we’ll typically take you from sign up to purchase in 6 weeks. Less cost. Less stress. Less time wasted. All with our 100% success rate as your guarantee.

Evaluation and Negotiation

We close the deal for you. 

Our Evaluation and Negotiation Service is for those who have sourced their preferred property, inspected it, but are unfamiliar with what to do next. We provide expert appraisal on your chosen property’s value, formulate the most effective strategy to acquire your property, and secure your property for the best value possible for you. This service includes the provision of pre-auction offer(s) and/or bidding on your behalf at auction.

With our secret property buying recipe, we’ll have the keys to your new place in next to no time. Less cost. Less wasted time. Less stress. 

Auction Bidding

We win for you.

Our Auction Bidding Service is designed for those looking for our exceptional bidding expertise on auction day. We are known for our ability to secure property at auction via our high-level bidding strategies. Why risk missing out at auction when you could have one of the most influential bidders on your team on auction day? Our auction day results speak for themselves – our success rate is unparalleled. We aren’t called #theauctionwhisperer for nothing!

Don’t trust your auction day bidding to just anyone – your dream home depends on us and our 90%+ win rate at auction!

Inspection Companion

We evaluate for you.

Our Inspection Companion Service enables you to have your own personal property professional during your property inspection. We will join you at your chosen inspection and undertake a thorough and diligent property walk through with you. During this time we will provide you with our professional expertise by way of evaluating the property throughout and advising you of any value add components that may be capitalised upon. You can rest assured any red flags will be highlighted to you during the inspection too, leaving you with peace of mind with the decision you make thereafter- to buy or not to buy. 

Don’t risk buying a dud. Take our property buying detective eyes with you at your next inspection.


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