Service Overview

At Kitty & Miles we work exclusively for the buyer and not for the seller.

We do not have conflicted interest in one particular property and we do not favour any particular sales agency.

Our loyalty is squarely to you, our client.

As licensed real estate professionals, we offer expert assistance to buyers in all aspects of the property purchasing process – from search to settlement. We warmly extend our vast network of sales agencies, private vendors and service professionals to you so as to provide you with the best platform to acquire, and perfect, your property.

Consultation green

Initial Consultation

We discuss your needs and provide assistance in getting your property purchase plans underway.

Strategy blue


Whether you’re buying for yourself, or to invest, we will discuss your particular requirements and develop the best strategy to meet your goals.


With 27 years of property market research experience, we expertly source information that is crucial to your strategy, needs and preferences.

Checklist blue


Based on our research findings and market analysis we will provide you with a detailed shortlist of quality properties for your consideration (Full Search Service, SMSF Property Purchase).

Evaluation brown


Having decided on your preferred property, we will provide you with a professional evaluation of your chosen property, including an accurate, real-time estimate of its current market value.

Negotiation aqua


We will negotiate the best price and terms to acquire your chosen property. Whether by private sale or at auction, we assist with due diligence processes and facilitate the smooth exchange of sales contracts.


Congratulations on acquiring your new property! You’ll no doubt be happy that Kitty & Miles has saved you time, money and your sanity with your property purchase 😊