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Who are
Kitty & Miles?

We’re glad you asked. 

We’ve broken the mould of the property professional and reshaped it to perfection with psychological expertise, strong evidence-based thinking and kindness at its core. Goodbye snake oil salesman, hello knowledgeable expert in property.

It’s not good enough for us to do our best – we ensure every single client acquires their home with 100% success. Our track record sets us apart from any other Buyers Agent you may encounter. Our stats are our evidence. Our reputation is unmatched. 

Headed by Kitty Parker, our approach is different because of Kitty’s diverse background. Her experience being at the helm of an international adult talent corporation piqued her interest in human behaviour.  Now she brings her post-graduate learnings in psychology to the real estate game – Kitty is one of Sydney’s top psychological negotiators and a multi-award winning real estate industry thought leader. Kitty’s property market forecasting skills have amassed a cult-like following of her monthly newsletters. 

Having received multiple real estate industry awards for her innovative and powerhouse home buying methods, Kitty recently received the prestigious title of National Buyers Agent of the Year 2023, cementing her reputation as the #1 Buyers Advocate in the country. Kitty has personally made home buying pleasurable, lightening fast and cost-effective for over 500 Aussies.

As a single mother, homeless teen and high school drop-out who struggled through adverse situations in life, Kitty wanted to pay tribute to her son, Miles, when the company was created. The mission of Kitty & Miles is to provide certainty for property buyers. We do this by delivering with 100% success.

“Every human deserves a home” says Kitty Parker. Kitty remembers when she was homeless, and understands the significance of home ownership. Kitty wanted to always remember when her days of survival were for Kitty & Miles, mother and son 🌟⁠ By remembering where she came from Kitty stays grounded, focused, and  aware of how important shelter is for us all. That’s the Kitty & Miles story.

And you know what this level of empathy, grit, education, expertise and skill means? A win for you and your buying budget.

We know the ploys used by sales agents and we know how to close the deal with your best interests in mind. We have an acute understanding of the real estate market and its stakeholders on a practical and psychological level. And we have the human-ness and empathy to read your needs as the buyer.

The K&M

                                   Buyers Agent Sydney

There’s a difference between claiming you’re the best for buyers and actually having the data to prove it. 

Our national recognition as Buyers Agent of the Year 2023, allows us to officially be recognised as  #1 Buyers Agent in Australia.

Our 100% success rate is unmatched by any other Buyers Agent or Buyers Agency. This means our fee is never a gamble for buyers.

Our 94%+ win rate at auction leads to us being THE most sought after professional auction bidders. This means we near always win your dream home for you at auction.

Our network of real estate sales agents is greater than 1150. This means we are better connected to any possible property you may want to buy – exclusive, off-market or on market – than any other Buyers Agent or Buyers Agency.

Our fee is often below that of our leading competitors. We are about servicing clients who need us most – including your everyday home buyer in need of cutting-edge buying expertise. We want a client relationship for life, not just a quickie transaction.

We are a values-driven company that prides ourselves on being motivated by our core values: integrity, passion, bravery, and empathy. We mean what we say and say what we mean. Known for our non-real estate approach to property buying, our intuitive methods allow you to feel secure in both our expertise and our word.

Our reputation in both the public arena, and the real estate industry, generates 80% word of mouth business from repeat clients, their families, friends, industry professionals and industry bodies. You won’t find another Buyers Agent service out their like Kitty & Miles – we guarantee we are completely different to anyone else in the business!

And did we mention data already? We love data. It makes for smart decision making that makes our clients better off financially. In fact, our data analysis ability is so advanced it has been published in international scientific journals alongside noble prize winners

Our clients

While the real estate industry may still be stuck in the dark ages of Jane and John with two kids, we at Kitty & Miles know the face of property buying across Australia has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Kitty & Miles embraces a custom of inclusivity, no matter your race, religion, age, job title, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. Or anything else for that matter. We are an empathic, culturally sensitive and down-to-earth team. At Kitty & Miles, we believe anyone seeking to purchase property deserves the right to access the advocacy services of a property Buyers Agent.

Having headed a successful international adult talent corporation prior to entering real estate, Kitty Parker understands the importance of embracing people from all walks of life. There is no judgment at Kitty & Miles and this ethos is upheld throughout the entire K&M team.  

So whether you are a busy family wishing to enter the investment property market, a single millennial looking to purchase their live-in apartment, a single mom kicking goals to get into the property arena, or a same-sex couple taking that next step in commitment by purchasing a property together, we’re here to support your property buying journey.

We are not just an elite Buyers Agent, we’re the Buyers Agent for everyone.

The benefits of
using a Buyers Agent

Engaging a Buyers Agent allows you to leverage their real estate industry networks, including access to properties that are held off market – real estate agents often contact Buyers Agents directly. But that’s just the start of the benefits.

Buyers Agents can save you money
Great Buyers Agents have their finger on the pulse of the property market, so you’ll never pay too much. They’re also expert negotiators, so they’ll get you a better price. The team at Kitty & Miles know how to negotiate at a high caliber level – beyond that of the layperson. We’ll save you double our fee on your purchase.

Buyers Agents can save you time
Buying a property will take you around 200 hours of your spare time, often spread over 6-12 months or longer. Buyers Agents will do all of the running around, giving you back your valuable time. At Kitty & Miles we don’t waste your time with a vast menu of properties. We shortlist only the best, which means we typically take you from sign up to purchase in under 6 weeks. Hello free weekends again!

Buyers Agents can help you avoid costly mistakes
Great Buyers Agents can protect you from making mistakes at every stage of the buying process. We’re on the look-out for flaws in the property, upcoming developments, mind games played by agents to make more $ for their client and more. We’re here to save you big bucks. Kitty & Miles can smell out a dud a mile away! We make sure to let our clients know not only what we recommend they buy but what not to buy too.

Having purchased literally hundreds of properties across the country, our tried and tested property buying formula can secure exactly the right property for your specific needs. 

services hub

We have a network of professionals and tradespeople that are essential for any home buyer or investor. We’ve hand-picked them based on their quality of service, value for money and integrity – we only work with good people. We’ll also help you negotiate fees where possible.

Our network includes:

  • Property managers
  • Conveyancers
  • Pest controllers
  • Property solicitors
  • Structural engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Builders
  • Architects
  • Interior designers
  • Strata / building inspectors
  • Removalists

With a full demolition and renovation team at our fingertips, Kitty & Miles can turn any piece of land, dilapidated home or worn out apartment into your dream property. Even better, we can do so at a very competitive price, without compromising on quality.

We do not charge a fee to oversee projects handled by one of our network professionals, nor do we receive any financial gain through referring you to one of our trusted network professionals. Our goal is to simply provide the most streamlined property purchasing experience for our clients.

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