Who We Are

Welcome to Kitty & Miles. We are a boutique, highly personal and super friendly Sydney Buyers Agency focused on exceptional customer care and data-driven property market research. Our aim is to change the way in which people buy property. How? By making the property purchasing process easy, and even fun, for people!

As a values-driven team with advanced education and intelligence, our real-time data,  statistical methods, and property market knowledge are game changers to the property buying experience. Why? They benefit you, the buyer. They give you the buying edge.

Proudly showcasing a 100% success rate, Kitty & Miles are passionate about providing a bespoke and highly personalised Buyers Agent service from initial introduction through to settlement. We take pride in undertaking an innovative style of property research that is directly helping ‘The Buy Side’ of the market.

Our Buyers Agent services are not limited to the Sydney region. We are licensed to act on behalf of those wishing to purchase residential property in multiple states of Australia. Our property purchasing expertise extends to major capital cities in Australia, as well as far reaching regional areas. There is no post code we will not service. Our experience allows us to provide research, analysis and property information on even the most unheard of towns and suburbs. 

Now is the time for buyers to step into the property market. Whether you are a first-time purchaser, or experienced investor, allow our unparalleled expertise to reduce the costs, time, stress and leg work for you. 

As buyers agents we stand alone in the buyer agent space. Our approach, methods and processes are delivered to you with superior customer care, true advocacy, bespoke service, inclusivity, education and innovation. We want you to win at property buying!

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  Kitty & Miles have “exceptional reach with exceptional results”. Buyers cite Kitty’s ability to tune into their needs and her genuine passion for sourcing their dream property. 


Kitty Parker

The founding Director of Kitty & Miles is an Australian-born, ex-New York resident. Kitty is a fully licenced real estate agent and long term property investor whom fell in love with the prospects of life and business in Australia. Kitty has been described by her clients and colleagues as “honest, hardworking and detail focused”. 

Kitty holds a Masters degree in policy and strategic planning as well as post-graduate university qualifications in psychology. Having held the position of Founding Director of a multinational company, Kitty was awarded a prestigious University of New South Wales Scientia PhD Scholarship for doctoral research on management in organisations. Kitty is a business and entrepreneurial wizz, with a proven track record. Her working knowledge of statistics and data enable her to extract the information necessary for you as a property buyer.

Being based in Sydney’s east, Kitty has exceptional expertise in the eastern suburbs property market. There is no more knowledgable Buyers Agent Randwick, Buyers Agent Coogee, or Buyers Agent Kensington. But please do not feel Kitty’s expertise stops here. Kitty has vast knowledge of the market countrywide and sources properties for clients from Bondi to Broken Hill and all postcodes in between.


Outside of the property industry, Kitty is an avid pet rescuer and currently houses seven rescue cats. Her cats are well known to the local community as they are the “sookiest of sooks”, requiring endless love and pats. Kitty is also known to try her hand at scented soy candle making and baking paleo treats.

Kitty is also a devoted mother to Miles, step-mom to Gemma and Jarrod, and has an incredibly silly sense of humour (so she is told).

          “As a passionate industry change agent and innovator I wish to transform the image of the Real Estate Industry                              from one driven by selfish greed to one motivated by collaborative wealth creation for all.” – Kitty Parker

Property Purchasing Advocate

Kitty explains: “Through building my own investment property portfolio, I’ve gained first-hand experience in your shoes as a buyer. However, my experience was via trial and error. I became familiar with all the bits and pieces that are involved in buying property. Now I’m determined to pave the way ahead clearly for you and save you the time, money and stresses that I encountered.”

Kitty now uses her knowledge to educate consumers and clients alike on all facets of the Australian residential property market in her commentary featured regularly in the media.