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Flat fees.
No hidden charges.

Our ethos of transparency is reflected in our fees too – we’re upfront about our fees and they are always flat and fixed. No commission-based fee structure over here (aka no conflict of interest at Kitty & Miles).

Whether you are buying a home that’s $300K or $10 million, the fee is a simple flat fee quoted up front. You’ll know exactly what your fee is before you even engage our services. Nothing extra. Nothing added on. Nothing hidden.

We are not the cheapest buyers agent service available, nor are we the most expensive either. On a regular basis we get told we should charge more for what the caliber of service we provide to our clients, but we genuinely wish to be accessible to those whom need us the most.  

Just as your buying needs are unique and bespoke, we ensure our up-front quoted fee is directly in line with your specific property requirements. No factory-farm service and no fee based on the purchase price of your property.

Outside of fees, we can also connect you with a range of professionals and tradespeople that are essential for home buying and investing. We have a hand-picked network of professionals that have proven – through experience – that they are worthy of our recommendation. They are the best in the business so you don’t need to gamble with your choice of conveyancer, solicitor, mortgage broker, electrician etc.

Please contact us for a comprehensive fee quote for your particular situation. We will quote up front and this price will be fixed throughout the term of your service, no matter the final purchase price!

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