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Securing your property
for your future

Purchasing a property within your self-managed super fund (SMSF) is not a task to be taken lightly. It not only requires a team of professionals to coordinate the efficient handling of the task, but a Buyers Agent specifically skilled in the requirements of SMSF property purchasing.

Kitty & Miles are experienced in purchasing property within SMSFs. We know the lender guidelines, legislative requirements and strategic pathways that are unique to SMSF property purchasing. You may consider this our ‘end to end’ SMSF property purchasing service.

Our secret property buying formula typically takes you from service engagement to purchase within 6 weeks. Less cost. Less stress. Less time wasted.

Our SMSF Property Purchase Service consists of the following five strategic steps that are specifically tailored to SMSF property purchases.

Step 1: Understanding your
SMSF property needs

In our initial consultation, we’ll gain a feel for your ‘what, where and why’ that’s driving your SMSF property purchase. We’ll ask questions like:

Have you set up your corporate entity?
Have you set up your Bare Trust?
What is your budget?
What percentage of deposit will you be applying to this purchase?
What is your corporate interest rate?
Do you have a preference for the city your SMSF property is located in and why?
And lastly, has your accountant advised you of your specific gearing requirements?

As real estate Buyers Agents that purchase SMSF properties interstate, it’s important we address the above questions during our initial meet. This initial consultation allows us to gain an understanding of your SMSF property goals and unique personal situation, as your potential SMSF property Buyers Agent.

This meeting is a time for us to listen and for you to ask as many questions as you wish. We are happy to inform, educate and provide our SMSF property buying expertise so we each may gain a sense of our fit as a team. After all, the trusted ‘agent buyer’ relationship is integral to our mutual outcome success.

This meeting is also a time for you to gain an understanding of the SMSF property acquisition process and for us to provide you with information on our Buyers Agent services, fees and other pertinent information.

Lastly, it is a meeting where, in essence, you get a feel for whether you like us and our methods. After all, YOU need to feel comfortable with US.

Step 2: Service engagement
the official agreement

Once we’ve decided we’d like to work together as a property buying team, we complete a Buyers Agency Agreement (BAA). After receiving your signed BAA and our retainer fee, our real estate buyers advocate work for you then begins. From this moment on you are in safe, friendly-and-expert-SMSF-property-purchasing hands.

Please note, we’re aware that no pre-approval is granted for SMSF purchases. Hence, you’ll be engaging our Buyers Agent services prior to your finance being approved for this purchase. However, we ask you please discuss your financial requirements with a professional prior to engaging our Buyers Agent services.

Step 3: Briefing
fine tuning our strategy

Imagine sitting across from a SMSF property professional who can almost read your mind and pinpoint exactly what it is that you desire in your property purchase within a brief amount of time. This is what our clients have noted about the team at Kitty & Miles:

“They listen with intent and clarify to ensure we are on the same page.”

Once you’ve formally engaged our services, we’ll work through a detailed SMSF property brief together, in conjunction with your accountant, financial advisor and/or mortgage broker. We’ll gauge your capital growth/rental yield goals via your SMSF property purchase and outline strategies to meet these goals thoroughly, yet efficiently.

You will be provided with a chance to ask any questions and to be provided with any further information you may require to feel comfortable with our direction.

Step 4: Research and analysis
high quality data and financials

We use a variety of sources, including advanced statistics and data, as well as agent-only databases. We’ll research and source high-quality properties that are both off-market and on-market and select those suited to your SMSF property brief. This means you will have access to all available properties, so you can make an informed decision from your end. We’ll also contact any private Vendors to ensure we have the opportunity to view the widest range of properties – making it extra possible to find that diamond in the rough. 

Once we’ve identified properties worthy of shortlisting for you, we conduct a detailed high-level objective market analysis to determine the current market worth of those properties. With access to our unique cutting-edge data modelling, agent-only databases and comparable sales, we’re able to determine an appropriate real-time price guide. This ensures you don’t overpay or let emotion cloud your judgement in the purchasing process. 

It’s only after we have conducted diligent research and analysis, that we’ll present a variety of properties fitting your SMSF brief. From this presentation, we’ll further fine tune our list. We then inspect the shortlist of properties and provide you with detailed inspection reports and photographs to aid your decision-making process.

You’ll receive detailed property information sourced from our data derivatives, RP Data and associated property research portals. Such information will likely include (but not be limited to): forecast cashflow calculations and estimation of gross rental yield; current real-time property value estimates; comparable sales and rentals; prior sales and rental history; and current marketing campaign edits such as price changes, sales method amendments and likewise. From our shortlist of properties, you may choose the property that is best suited to your needs.

Step 5: Acquisition and Settlement.
Expertise in Closing the Deal

Once you’ve chosen your desired property, we’ll determine the most beneficial negotiation strategy for your property purchase. Our negotiation methods are cutting-edge, driven via intelligence capabilities. We will then set forth to secure your property as efficiently as possible, for the lowest possible price, for you.

After your offer has been accepted by the Vendor, we’ll liaise with your financier to begin the finance process. We will also coordinate with your conveyancing solicitor to ensure the contract of sale is reviewed thoroughly and to verify that all legal requirements are met prior to unconditional exchange.

We’ll assist in the coordination of strata reporting, as well as building and pest inspection reporting. We are also able to coordinate correspondence with your financier to ensure all parties are on task for unconditional finance approval and a smooth settlement. Due diligence is undertaken with great attention to detail, allowing us to remove any burden of stress or worry from your shoulders.

During the settlement period we also negotiate with property management companies to find the most competitive and favourable property management for your SMSF property. This ensures your property is delivering rental income for you from settlement date. This is, of course, included within our fee – no extra charge.

We maintain contact with you until settlement, to be certain all is running smoothly. Once settlement has taken place, we close off any remaining queries you may have. Ensuring your peace of mind is our business!

Should you require further services past settlement, such as renovations, styling or refurbishments, we can assist with that too. Please visit our Professional Service Hub for further details on the additional services we may offer you, the property buyer, after settlement is completed.

Please note our advice is informative in nature. It’s important to seek advice from your financial professional prior to purchasing property in a SMSF.

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