The Top 5 Upfront Costs When Purchasing Property

Here are our top five upfront fees buyers are expected to pay (aside from the deposit). These fees should be factored into your buying budget…

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Property investors can save bucketloads – here’s how!

Are you a landlord or property investor? Do you own properties you’re renting out or making money on?…

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8 Simple Tips for Better Rental Returns

Buyers agent Sydney

Whether you’re new to this investment property business or have been playing landlord for a little while now, this is required reading. You’ll learn some straight up simple ways to maximise your profits. It all starts with some careful, strategic forward planning…

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Buying OS: A Growing Market

real estate buyers agent sydney

While some millennials are chasing FOMO with OS holidays for the ’gram, many other clever millennials are looking OS for property investment. In fact, the number of Aussies turning to the international property market is growing, especially for young people…

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