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Don't do it yourself

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Boundaries. They’re important. Even with yourself. When it comes to DIY around the house, ask yourself, am I going to injure myself? How much is this going to cost if I screw it up? And do I need a permit?

There’s no shame in getting someone else to help make your home into your very own castle. And with a tonne of handyman/trade services out there, you may as well go enjoy your weekend rather than spending it at that giant hardware store. Of course, there are things most people can tackle, but here’s a list of things you should probably (definitely) outsource.


Sanding floors

There are some things that require an experienced touch – this is one of them. It takes a lot of time to develop a skill like floor sanding, so if you think you can master it first time round, you might just be kidding yourself. Sure, you could have a hack at it, but it’s one of those things where amateur work is instantly recognisable. And you know what that means? An instant detraction from value of your home. Skip the lumps and bumps, hire a pro.



People do this for a career. Think about that. It’s not something to take up on a casual basis. It’s not only a dangerous job, but can be very tedious too, plus it’s not all that expensive to hire out. If you insist on doing it though, make sure you start in an area that isn’t so noticeable – like a cupboard interior.


Pipes and plumbing

Bathroom renos are a common fave. And there are bits you can handle, but probably leave the soldering of pipes to the experts so the house doesn’t catch on fire. Connecting pipes might seem like a no-brainer, but you don’t want to get it wrong. If you do, you may also find water leaks throughout the house, which may in turn lead to a mould problem, which in turn leads to real big expensive trouble.

Knocking down walls

Are you reallllly sure that wall isn’t essential? While demo work can be satisfying, you might just want to check that wall isn’t load-bearing. You could get injured and might risk your ceiling caving in, roof collapsing or cause sagging beams. Enough said. 

Electrical wiring

This one is pretty obvious. Insert a cartoon image of a skeleton in your mind to remind yourself of the dangers of electrocution. Licensed electricians are worth your life.

Super heavy stuff

If you’re thinking of having heavy things like a granite countertops installed – hire a pro. If you don’t, you risk injuring yourself of damaging the materials. The pros not only have experience, but the right equipment to get the job done.


You can try your hand at it, but not everywhere. Things like back splashes in the kitchen aren’t too hard, but there are other places you should avoid. For example, sub-par waterproofing in the shower can cause massive damage. Aside from simply tiling, regrouting is another important maintenance task that will contribute to the lifespan of your tiles. These tasks, although time consuming, are important and shouldn’t be left unchecked for too long. If you don’t have time, seek outside help.

Install a toilet

You definitely don’t want to get this wrong. All kinds of yuck if you do! If you’re not super confident in your ability to install a toilet, just don’t do it.

Roof repairs

This is your first point of contact with wind, rain and sun. It’s literally the roof over your head. Every roof will have some kind off damage in its lifetime – leaks, damaged gutters, missing shingles are some of the common problems. Working on roofs and climbing ladders can be dangerous if you don’t know that you’re doing. Hire a handyman for a little peace of mind. 

Other bits and bobs

There’s a tonne of things you can outsource – cement work, building decks, painting. The most important thing to consider is your safety and capability. There’s no point trying to be a hero to save a buck or to keep yourself busy. Maybe try picking up a hobby instead J

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