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Empowered and Strong Women… What are Their Secrets?

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You can, you should, and if you are brave enough to start, you will. – Stephen King


It’s a powerful statement. Stirring and empowering. That dream we’ve always had, if we have the courage and are brave enough to start it, we will succeed.


It sounds simple

That sounds so simple and yet it is so difficult for many of us. We have had years of conditioning by fear, limits put on us by society, limits that we put on ourselves, self-doubt, I could go on for hours.

However, our world is full of examples of incredible women. Of women who have achieved despite the odds. Of women who could, who were brave enough to start and who did. How did they do it?


Incredible Women, How Do They Do It?

They have learned to harness the power of something that we all have the potential of but is far too often overlooked. It’s mental strength and fortitude.

Incredible women are strong women. They are brave. They are courageous. They are tenacious. They have an astounding amount of mental fortitude, mental strength. How do they get it?


How Do You Build Mental Fortitude?

It’s All About Attitude

Women who are mentally strong have a positive, glass-half-full, never-say- can’t attitude. It’s a growth mindset. An outlook that not only drives them to achieve, but also inspires those around them. Its confident and its courageous.

Be Caring and Kind

It’s an inward and an outward focus. Strong women are caring and kind to both themselves and those around them. This focus not only nurtures their own selves, but also others in their atmosphere. It results in positive relationships being built, and relationships that are not healthy being left behind.

Embrace Fear, Don’t Run From It

Mental strength is about recognising fear, acknowledging it, but not letting it control us. If fear is controlling us, it can cloud our minds and impair our decision-making capabilities.

But controlling fear and harnessing it’s power can turn it into positive. Use fear as a motivator for positive action. It’s about facing the obstacle in our way and conquering it. Strong women don’t run from tough times or hide from fearful situations or things. They stand up. They tackle the fear. They use fear to learn and grow.

Take Constructive Criticism, Ignore the Rest

Taking constructive criticism or identifying improvement opportunities can be hard. What is even harder is to put changes identified or suggested in place. But it is a core strength of strong women. If we have the guts to admit we might not have things 100% all the time, and are prepared to change, we will grow. We will become stronger. None of us are perfect, we can all grow.

Having said this, as strong women, we must know when to stop also. Know when to ignore the haters. Some people see it as their goal in life to drag us down. They are not offering advice or suggestions from a good place, from a place of help or improvement. They are just pulling us down so that they can make themselves feel better.

These are not helpful pieces of advice or healthy growth opportunities. Learn when to ignore them. Don’t get caught up in what people think of you. You will be surprised how freeing it can feel!

And finally…. Use Every Minute

Every minute of our lives is precious. We can’t CTRL-Z and redo them. We can’t skip back. So, we need to make the most of every minute. Mentally strong women understand this.

Be a go-getter. Put your dreams into action. Your brain thrives on satisfaction, give it every opportunity to flourish.

You can achieve your dreams. You should achieve your dreams. If you are brave enough to start, you will achieve your dreams. 

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