Evaluation and Negotiation Service

You have found and inspected your dream property but are unsure:

  • if the advertised price guide is realistic;
  • how best to negotiate the sale with the sales agent;
  • how to make an initial offer and/or counter-offer;
  • how not to be ripped off in the entire sales process.

If the above rings true for you then our Evaluation and Negotiation Service will assist you in securing your chosen property with support and ease.

Buyers Agent Service Engagement


Initial Consultation. Understanding Your Property Needs

In our initial meeting we will gain a feel for your what, where and why of property. As real estate Buyers Agents Sydney it is important we address the following questions during our initial meeting. How long have you been on the market to purchase property? Is this the first property you have actively committed to buying? If not, what properties have you bought so far or attempted to purchase? What is your budget? Has your finance (if relevant) been pre-approved? The initial consult allows us to gain a holistic understanding of your property desires, motivations and personal situation. 

This meeting is a time for us to listen and for you to ask as many questions as you wish. We are happy to advise, guide and provide our expertise so we each may gain a sense of our fit as a team. After all, a warm and comfortable ‘agent buyer’ relationship is integral to our mutual outcome success. This meeting is also a time for you to gain an understanding of the appraisal and negotiation process and for us to provide you with information on our services, fees and other information of interest. Lastly, it is a meeting where, in essence, you get a feel for whether you like us and our methods (or not 😊).

Service Engagement. The Official Agreement

Once we have decided we would like to work together as a team we complete a Buyers Agency Agreement (BAA). Once we receive your signed BAA and our retainer service fee our real estate buyers advocacy work for you begins in earnest. From this moment on we are all systems go to win for you.

Please note, it is strongly advised that you have finance pre-approved at this point. It really does help the process run smoothly if this niggling aspect is out of the way.

Please be mindful is a requirement that you have inspected your desired property or properties prior to engaging our Evaluation and Negotiation service. This requirement is in your own best interests as it allows you to rest assured the property feels ‘right’ to you.


Briefing. Fine Tuning Our Strategy


Imagine sitting across from a university educated property professional whom can almost read your mind and pinpoint exactly what is required in your unique circumstances. This is what our clients have noted about Kitty when they interact with her. “She listens intently and clarifies to ensure we are on the same page.” Once you’ve formally engaged our services we’ll work through a detailed property brief together. Together we will determine your goals and outline effective strategies to meet these goals thoroughly, yet efficiently. You will be provided with a chance to ask any questions you may have and to be provided with any further information you may require to feel comfortable with our chosen direction. 

Research and Analysis. High Quality Data and Financials

At this stage in our Evaluation and Negotiation Service we conduct a detailed, objective market analysis to determine the current market worth of your chosen property. With access to agent-only databases, comparable sales, and progressive real-time data and statistics, we are able to determine an appropriate price guide for your chosen property. This ensures you don’t overpay for your desired property, or otherwise experience emotion clouding your judgement in the purchasing process. 

You will receive detailed property information from multiple advanced sources. Such data shall include (but not be limited to): time on the market, forecast capital growth potential and estimation of rental yield, real time property value estimates, comparable sales and rentals in the current and recently past market, prior sales and rental history, and current marketing campaign edits such as price changes, sales method amendments and likewise. 

From our high level research and analysis of your chosen property we will formulate a recommended acquisition strategy in consultation with yourself. This strategy has no pre-set formula but is inherently unique to your particular property situation.

Our purchasing strategies aim to ensure you are ahead of other potential buyers in the market. We take pride in enabling our clients to capitalise on our advanced data and statistical methods – you will be ahead of the pack with your purchase if you have Kitty and Miles advocating for you in your property purchase!

With your input we detail a course of action that ensures we acquire your desired property efficiently, with certainty, and at the absolute lowest price possible for you.

Acquisition and Settlement. Expertise in Closing the Deal

If your chosen property is being sold by private treaty we will propose an initial offering price and negotiate the sales process on your behalf with the sales agent or seller (vendor). Should your property be listed for auction, we will either strategically plan to purchase your property pre-auction or bid at auction on your behalf (see Sale By Auction Service). In either scenario, we liaise with the sales agent or vendor on your behalf and consistently have your best interests at heart as our client – we will set forth to secure your property as efficiently as possible, for the lowest possible price.

Once your offer has been accepted by the vendor, or you have been the winning bidder at auction, we will ensure all legal requirements are met prior to unconditional exchange of contracts.

As we prepare for acquisition we will assist in the coordination of due diligence aspects such as strata inspections, as well as building/pest inspections and reporting.

We are also able to coordinate correspondence with your financier to ensure all parties are on track for a smooth settlement. Our attention to detail whilst due diligence in undertaken takes the stress of the process out of your hands.

We maintain contact with you until final settlement, to ensure all is running smoothly. If required, we are happy to conduct a pre-settlement inspection on your behalf, to ensure all inclusions are intact as per the contract of sale. Once settlement has taken place we close off any remaining queries you may have. Ensuring your peace of mind is our business!