Interior touch-ups to make your property pop this winter

When it’s cold outside and the wet weather is getting you down, the last thing you need is to look around and see bland, drab walls that leave nothing to the imagination.

Winter has really dragged on this year, but I am seeing something of a springtime renaissance with homeowners and renters alike introducing warm tones to their living and entertainment spaces in an attempt to counteract the chilly weather outdoors.

From rich earthy shades to bright and vibrant accessories, you too can evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth with these 4 simple tips to fight the winter blues – without breaking the bank.


Lighting is everything

Ever heard of the term ‘hygge’? It’s a Danish concept that predominately uses light to capture ‘quiet comfort’. In short, it’s the feeling of ‘ultimate cosiness’, achieved with warm lighting, neutral tones and natural elements such as greenery and indoor plants.

To get your hygge right, keep in mind what type of light fills you room. Does natural light spill through your living room window on a daily basis? Does a single ceiling light provide white or warm lighting from evening to night? Or are you more partial to the warm and cosy feeling created by lamplight?

It is important to understand the effect this light has on your room, as it will directly impact the final appearance of the paint you choose to coat your walls, and can even change the look of the new fabric upholstery you’re considering updating your dining chairs or armchair with.


Consider the current set-up

Existing fittings and interior design features are important to note before you paint your walls or invest in new furniture or décor to brighten your space.

Take a look around your room. What colour are your light fittings and cabinetry handles? What style furniture do you own, and is it upholstered? What type of flooring do you have? Factoring in what will remain after a new lick of paint goes up (if that’s your thing) will help guide you in adding new colors, textures or patterns to your existing space.

Of course, if those plain light fixtures or basic cupboard handles have been gnawing at you for a while, now is a good time to replace them! Nothing is stopping you from refreshing other parts of your room this winter, so keep an open mind and explore every nook and cranny to see what fixtures or fittings need an update, or how they can help guide you in selecting a new colour for your walls.


Start with a natural base

Keep your base tones natural with light, neutral shades that can be layered upon to create that warm, inviting look. Doing so will enable you to add deeper and richer colors to your room, such as earthy greens for a more relaxed and authentic vibe throughout your room or home.

Add a little warmth to the space with a touch of red or brown, using charcoal sparingly for depth, and your room will be on its way to feeling snug in no time.



Add even more warmth to your room this winter with a variety of textures and materials that add interest to your space. You can try alternating fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet and wool in your throws, cushions and curtains, and even introduce a thick pile rug to an already carpeted room to increase the cosy factor!

Explore new materials such as timbers and woven cane, avoiding metals where possible as they typically give off a ‘cooler’ vibe.

It’s that simple! You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve hygge in your home this winter, or freshen up your space. In fact, some of these touch-ups can even be achieved by looking through your storage boxes and using preloved tablecloths, throw rugs, or handmade photo frames to add that pop of color to your room!

Good luck my lovelies. Enjoy the warm and cosy feel of your room, and invite your friends over for a nice dinner or afternoon drinks. What better way to create conversation than with new and inviting décor to brighten your day?!