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Keep your home cool this summer with
blinds and awnings that get the job done


Summer will be very welcome to return this year, following a super rainy winter and drizzly spring (so far). But with the cost of living constantly rising, homeowners and tenants are already concerned about the exuberant cost of running an air conditioner to keep the house cool during the hottest months of the year. 

Good news! You can keep your home cool without the use of the air con this summer (or a least minimal use) by installing blinds or awnings throughout your property! 

Though there is an upfront cost, with energy prices continuing to rise, this is the best investment you can make towards saving significant cash down the line. 

There are four types of curtains you could try in your home, depending on the angle and direction from which the sun hits your window, the time of day and your specific window type. Let’s take a look. 


Block out blinds

If you’ve ever endured an Australian summer, you know the heat can be absolutely formidable. Luckily, you can invest in affordable and effective blinds to keep out that horrible heat – without compromising on style! 

A simple trip to your local hardware store or even department store will provide you with a range of block out blinds to do the job. Not only can you choose from different prints and colours to decorate your room, you can opt for blinds of varying thickness and length, too.


Outdoor awnings

Installing an outdoor awning above your patio or over your most affected window is not only practical, but cost-effective, too. 

Placing an awning over the sunniest window of your home allows you to increase your home’s energy efficiency, because it prevents sun glare and blocks the sun’s rays from entering your home, which leads to a much cooler home during those hot and humid months. 

Saving money on air conditioning costs by introducing a better, more permanent alternative is always a win in my books. And better yet, reducing the amount of sunlight entering your room during the summer can also help to prevent damage to your furnishings and floor coverings. Awesome!  


Roller blinds

Roller blinds not only get the job done, they have a fantastic modern aesthetic to them that can really dress up a home in the simplest of ways. 

Offering protection from the sun and a tidy appeal, roller blinds are often made from synthetic materials, so they are also easy to remove and wash. This means you needn’t be afraid to install one in your kitchen if like many traditional homes, your window sits above your sink! 

Like block out blinds, roller blinds come in a wide range of sizes, lengths and thicknesses. I would recommend you choose a blind with a high UV protection rating, as this will help prevent heat from entering your room and stop that stuffy feeling from taking over your home. 


Retractable blinds

Wanna go out all? Retractable blinds reduce energy costs by reducing solar heat gain by 65% if installed on west-facing windows! 

These blinds are pretty flexible when it comes to installation. Just find a stable surface on your pergola, wall or glass roof and voila! Your retractable blinds are ready to use. 

Easy to operate both with a remote control and manually, retractable blinds are especially awesome as that they can be used to cover a relatively large area without sacrificing the aesthetic qualities of your home’s exterior. 


So what do you think? Have you noticed the heat rising in your home these past few weeks as we enter into spring? Will your current curtains be able to thwart the upcoming summer heat? 

At Kitty & Miles, we’ll be happy to direct you to some reliable blind and awning specialists in your area! Just give us a call on (02) 8916 6172 or email the friendly buyers agent team at support@kittyandmiles.com.au and we’ll help you get you started on your curtain upgrade!