Latest Client Buys - april 2023


If you’re seeking a Buyers Agent who can progress from sign up to property purchase within 5 hours then we are the team for you.

This was the situation for our first home buyer client. They stumbled upon their dream apartment but it was being sold that very day. They needed expert assistance – fast!

We promptly appraised and evaluated the property. From this we could determine this property was worth our client fighting for. We ensured due diligence was completed and then progressed to negotiations and acquisition.

Same day our client had their first home – and saved $15,000 in the process.


Our lovely first home buyer family knew exactly what they wanted and it was somewhat of a unicorn. But we were determined to ensure this family had their own place to call home.

It took a little longer than expected as we had a very specific brief that was strict on budget AND parameters. We sourced and inspected, sourced and inspected….

Eventually the perfect property was found and we negotiated to secure this little cracker within our client’s budget. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!

Our clients are first home buyers, have a fantastic equity building home, and welcomed a new bub all in the same day!