Latest Client Buys - august 2021

Buyers agent Sydney

Catherine Field

It’s one thing to acquire property for our valued clients, it’s another to feel the pressure of buying for one of the K&M team!

Our job at hand was to evaluate, negotiate and acquire the dream property of our First Home Buyer team member.

Not taking this task lightly, we did just as required.

Making sure every due diligence box was ticked off. Check! Making sure everything was in our buyer’s interests. Check! And making sure the price was right. Check!

Another happy buyer at K&M.

Buyers agent Sydney

Lane Cove

One of the key benefits to engaging a buyer’s agent is their ability to source properties you may otherwise not encounter.

In this case, our clients were versed in the real estate sector but were coming up short with regard to finding their dream home. After 2 years of sourcing they were at their wits end!

Engaging our services fast tracked their process in no time.

Within 7 weeks of service engagement we had sourced an exclusive property for our clients – not one iota of competition, not seen by any other potential buyers, and an easy acquisition all round.

That’s the K&M difference!

Buyers agent Sydney

Franklin, A.C.T.

Our clients were keen to acquire a solid long-term investment property within their self managed super fund. Their goal was wealth creation for retirement.

Finding just the right mix of exceptional rental yield, strong long-term capital growth, and ease of tenanting was not an easy task. Especially when we had to consider lender and government guidelines accordingly.

The team at K&M managed to acquire just the right property for our clients so as to build their retirement wealth in the best way possible – stable, long-term capital growth via property investment.

Buyers agent Sydney

Centennial Park

Being a family new to the Australian way of life, it is not surprising our clients felt the Sydney property market was quite overwhelming.

Additionally, attempting to source and secure your family home during a multi-state COVID-19 lockdown is not the easiest task to undertake.

Engaging the buyer’s advocacy services of K&M meant our clients were signing on the dotted line of their dream family home within 5 weeks of service engagement.

To be able to fulfil this family’s needs is heartwarming to say the least!