Latest Client Buys - DECEMBER 2022


Lane Cove

Most first home buyers have a tight budget, and our lovely young client was no exception. With prices lifting due to stock shortages, it appeared our client was going to have to sacrifice some of their ‘wish list’ items to have the funds to purchase.

The team at K&M made sure to not only source above and beyond the minimum requirements for our client, but we got them everything they could ask for and then some (OK, we had to really make moves outside the box to execute this one but we did it for our client).

As a health care worker in our public system our client deserved to be looked after with the utmost VIP treatment!



Our client was looking for something special. They had particular specs to have fulfilled and were a little tired from trying to find their dream home themselves….

Referred to Kitty & Miles by a trusted colleague and the rest is now history.

We managed to source and secure just what our client was looking for, and we made sure all the required specs were ticked off the list.

In the end our client was able to purchase a beautiful new property that was better than they’d ever hoped they could afford to purchase.

The team at K&M are just as happy as our clients with this buy.



Our client came to us with their finance pre-approval expiry in less than 3 weeks time. They were hoping we could make magic happen for them.

We sourced a spectacular blue chip investment purchase that delivered not only an under market value purchase price, but a rental yield of 4.67%! In Sydney!

The acquisition took us a total of 7 days to source, inspect, complete reporting and due diligence….and get the deal completed. Phew! Another happy investor client.

Kitty & Miles are not just any ole’ property buyers agent service. We listen and we deliver for our clients when in need.



Being a first home buyer when NSW stamp duty reforms are passed made our clients a little nervous. They knew their budget was tight and would get even tighter in the first months of 2023.

Our lovely clients were hoping the K&M team could find them their dream first home before Christmas and within their tight budget…before they felt they’d be priced out of the market in 2023.

We’re always up for a challenge as a home buyer agent service. Bring on the heavy lifting and we’ll get the job done!

Sourcing and securing the perfect first home for our clients, under budget and before Christmas, was the joyous outcome here.


North Kellyville

When our clients got wind the property they were renting was going to be sold they needed advice and reassurance.

After reaching out to Kitty & Miles, we determined a strategic acquisition would serve them well – allowing them to get in before the property was listed on-market.

The K&M team assisted with fast-tracking our clients’ finance approval, negotiated and secured this property all up in a matter of a week.

Our first home buyer clients were thrilled to be able to purchase their rental property and beat all the other buyers to the mark.