Latest Client Buys - JANUARY 2021

Buyers agent Sydney


Our goal at Kitty & Miles is to make the buying process for first time home buyers as smooth as possible. This was our aim with our lovely clients here whom were wishing to get out of the rental rut.

Acquiring this apartment required careful appraisal and remaining budget conscious whilst undertaking negotiations. Supporting our clients with care and information allowed them to feel comfortable with the process and their purchase.

Outcome: acquisition under our clients’ budget and clients being delighted to secure their very own apartment so smoothly. 

Buyers agent Sydney

Surry Hills

As first time investors in a tight budget, our clients were wishing to ensure they had all bases covered with their first investment property purchase - within the CBD radius, spacious, parking on title, above 5% rental yield, tenanted, excellent capital growth potential. All with circa 500k to spend. Not an easy feat by any means! 

The end result was the acquisition of an off-market property that ticked all the boxes and then some. Our clients were thrilled with the result and so are we 😊.

Buyers agent Sydney


Our ex-pat clients were not first time investors so they were acutely aware of what makes a sharp investment property purchase.

The team at Kitty & Miles sourced precisely the right apartment in the right location so as to deliver exceptional capital growth, as well as value-add capital benefits. 

Via our exclusive network we were able to avoid a competitive auction purchasing environment and instead quietly and efficiently secured this apartment under market value and under budget for our clients.