Latest Client Buys - JULY 2021

Buyers agent Sydney

Watson, A.C.T.


As a solo Dad renting in Sydney with three children, our client was hoping to acquire a capital growth making property that would pay for itself over time. He wanted to leave a legacy to his children.

Understanding the importance of a stable, secure wealth creation property purchase for our client, we set out to acquire just that – tenanted with 0% vacancy rate, 6.5% rental yield and strong growth prospects our client said yes, please!

A smooth acquisition occurred and our client secured precisely the property for their needs, within a 350k budget!

Buyers agent Sydney

Five Dock

Having recently moved from WA, our clients were feeling very unnerved by the Sydney property market. They felt they needed to level the buyer playing field by engaging the services of Kitty & Miles. What smart cookies!

We took on the heavy lifting and sourced the dream property for our clients. Not stopping there, we handled all due diligence matters, evaluated and appraised the property AND took on the auction bidding to ensure this deal was closed as stress-free as possible for our clients.

All up we sourced, evaluated, appraised, completed due diligence, won at auction all in the space of 3 weeks. Job done and very happy clients!

Buyers agent Sydney


Being in lockdown in Sydney is hard enough, but having to contend with an online auction to buy your dream apartment was a whole new pool of sweat for our young clients.

K&M auction bidding expertise to the rescue!

Not only did we provide our clients with an accurate appraisal of their desired property with under 10% variance, but we bid at online auction on their behalf, won, and sealed the deal with coming in under budget.

If you’re looking to win your home or apartment at auction you know who to turn to! #theauctionwhisperer

Buyers agent Sydney

Belconnen, A.C.T.

Getting one’s ducks lined up so as to tick every box of a SMSF investment property purchase is not an easy task, and one our clients were happy to delegate to the team at K&M.

Future wealth creation through property must be uniquely designed according to the individual client’s outcome requirements.

In this case, we acquired precisely the right property, at the logical price point, with a delivery of above 6% gross rental yield p.a. and with the addition of excellent, stable growth prospects.

Don’t wind up with a pipe dream SMSF investment property that does not deliver for your retirement years. The K&M team know what to buy and where so as to meet your retirement needs.

Buyers agent Sydney


Our clients had a passion project – one that would take patience and diligence to fulfil. 

We were up for the challenge and were very happy to support and guide our cents through each step of making their project come to life.

From bushland to tiny home building. From shipping containers to eco-sustainable living.

Each and every box was ticked for our clients and we can proudly now say K&M made a unique dream become a reality!


Buyers agent Sydney


Being new to the Sydney property market, our clients were feeling a little overwhelmed with buying their home. 

Thankfully our clients had friends we had previously acquired for whom sent them our way. Help our clients said!

Sourcing was not the sore point, but understanding price points and negotiating assertively was where our clients felt they needed support.

Support is what we provided, and the end result was a sharp acquisition under market value in near record breaking time!

Buyers agent Sydney

Franklin, A.C.T.

Buying property in a SMSF is never an easy task. There are many regulations and legislative requirements to take into account.

Navigating the stringent necessities of SMSF property purchases is where the team at K&M shine – delivering long term, not fly by night, capital growth and high yield producing property purchases for retirement wealth creation.

This purchase was no exception. 

We regularly purchase SMSF properties for clients and recognise the art in ensuring these property purchases equip our clients for their later years – and are not just the latest hot spot hype.