Latest Client Buys - july 2023


As next home buyers, our clients were keen to ensure the equity they’d built in their first home buy was put to good use.

The unicorn home was found but was beyond our clients budget. We tried to find an alternative, but kept coming back to “the dream”.

Our success came down to auction bidding tactics and a strategy that removed other bidders and eliminated further competition. We ended up winning the dream home just under budget!

A very pleasant surprise all round!


Our clients were first home buyers in Australia and were quite nervous about the process of home buying in Sydney. They were seeking a Property Buyers Agent whom they could trust to be transparent, ethical and empathic to their needs.

Needless to say, the team at K&M ensured our clients were supported and informed with their property purchasing needs.

The perfect off-market property was sourced promptly and, after a hitch or two, acquired with no nonsense. The end to end process took less than a month and our clients now own a home in Sydney!


This client purchase was a shining example of what can be achieved with efficiency, teamwork and a Home Buyers Agent whom has a solid network of sales agents assisting them with sourcing.

In a low stock market our clients were seeking a standout property. With the proposed acquisition strategy up our sleeve, we found the perfect off-market option and secured within 3 hours of inspection.

The above was achieved without pesky competition from other buyers, nor having to attend open inspections or auctions. Our clients were thrilled with the process…and the result!


Having a very specific brief and purchasing whilst located overseas are both not easy tasks. K&M was there to support our clients and ensure their purchase was worthy of their financial commitment – we were not going to just let them buy a dud property!

A number of options were considered, each found off-market and hand picked by the team. We scoured until we found the perfect property that was structurally sound, had a solid rental yield, and was comfortably under market value.

Sometimes it takes time to find the right home – and Kitty & Miles is NOT a factory line service that pressures clients to buy just any ole property!