Latest Client Buys - MARCH 2022

Lane Cove

For a first home buyer, it’s not always just about the end result of buying your home – you also want to make sure you buy the right home at the right price and don’t get stitched up along the way.

This is why our lovely first home buyer client chose us to assist them with her property purchase. They wanted to get their purchase right at every step.

What our client gained also was a supportive sounding board, expert advice on value add aspects such as a kitchen makeover and associated costs, data-focused price point research and a network of sales agents who wanted to make a client of Kitty and Miles very happy.

The end result was a stress-free and streamlined end to end process from the point of initial inquiry through to “here are the keys to your new apartment”.

First home buyers needn’t feel nervous with K&M in their corner!



Who says you can’t be a renter and become a blue chip property investor in Sydney at the same time?!

The new breed of Renvestors is precisely where our savvy client couple found themselves – and they engaged the expertise of the K&M team to get their investment property purchase perfected.

Sourcing the right property delivering growth drivers, an exceptional rental yield, value add components and an under market value purchase price, we were able to bring the unicorn investment property to the table for our clients.

With the potential for a double your money growth level in this property, we hope to fast-track our clients’ wealth creation strategy for their future.

What a fantastic outcome for our reinvesting couple!