Latest Client Buys - may 2021

Buyers agent Sydney



It’s not the easiest task acquiring your residential property whilst you’re overseas. This is precisely why our lovely clients chose to engage our services on the ground – so we could do the work for them.

Having found the picture perfect property, a through inspection and walk through video to ensure all was to our clients’ liking, and then it was down to a lightening speed acquisition.

From service engagement to contract exchange in 11 days – all in a fast-paced Sydney property market.

Buyers agent Sydney


It is often the case that an efficient and effective acquisition is founded on correct data analysis and presentation of thorough and accurate information to clients. 

Through the above process we managed to strategically acquire the dream home for our clients at auction. 

Against multiple other professional auction bidders, our preparation and in-the-moment strategic tactics allowed us to navigate to a highly successful auction win amid a crowd of more than 100. 

A very happy young family was the result!

Buyers agent Sydney



Have you ever felt you simply don’t have the budget to purchase the property you really want to call home? Our client had precisely that feeling upon engaging our buyers agent services.

The Kitty & Miles team were dedicated to finding the unicorn property for our client – and that we sure did, and well under budget too!

Listening to our client’s preferences, concerns and desires, we set out to do our very best to meet our client’s expectations. It’s not always easy but it sure is ALWAYS rewarding. 

A very happy client that is out of the renting rat race and into their own lovely apartment – their own place to call home.

Buyers agent Sydney



Our clients certainly saw the value in engaging our buyers agent services being able to purchase their dream home through our exclusive ‘only available to K&M’ network.

No competing with other buyers in the market and no inspections at publicly available times. Just one-on-one off-market access to properties not advertised – not even available to other buyers agents!

Being able to secure a property without open market pricing competition and bidding wars at auction meant a seamless and pleasurable home buying experience was had by our valued clients. Would you like to be our next success story?