Latest Client Buys - may 2023


Our client had done the tough yards for 18 months on their own before deciding we’d be the answer to their apartment buying dream.

The process took longer than anticipated as we found many properties our client liked had structural issues or other money-pit problems. Our goal is to help our clients steer away from properties that will not serve their best interests – even if it means we shatter a few emotional buying dreams along the way!

We ended up finding the perfect apartment and well under budget too. A happy client, capital growth making asset and lovely Inner City pad to boot!


Having been involved in the Sydney rental crisis, our clients decided it was time to become first home buyers rather than continue renting.

Buying your first home in Sydney can be daunting, long winded, stressful and demoralising to say the least. But not for clients of Kitty & Miles!

Our clients decided to get professional help to allow them to secure their first apartment and we delivered their dream – within 3 days of service engagement.

No stress, no over paying, no wasted time, no missing out at auction. From renter to home owner in less than 1 week!


Our clients did not have the time nor the desire to manage the property market themselves.

Having worked with us prior, they confidently handed over the task to the Kitty & Miles team.

It was not the easiest task to undertake, and we cannot say this process was smooth sailing, but we managed to exceed expectations and deliver a next level result.

The headache of the property market is now history for our clients.


Purchasing from overseas is never an easy task. Our client was hoping to position themselves with a team in Australia whom could serve their property buying needs from afar.

Within 2 weeks of engaging our services, we found the perfect investment property for our client – dual income, already tenanted, cashflow positive AND within 2 hours from Sydney.

In next to no time our client had secured their first Australian investment property, under market value, and ticking every box our client had required. Onto investment property number 2 for our client now…!



Our First Home Buyer clients had searched for the dream apartment themselves, only to miss out at auction and end up completely frustrated.

This couple were hopeful we could assist them to find their dream at a reasonable price AND in a low stock market.

Within 48 hours of engaging our services we had found “the one” off-market.

A professional and thorough due diligence process followed and we secured the perfect home without competition from members of the public. Another success story!



Our First Home Buyer clients didn’t wish to be looking for their first home for months or even years.

They decided to engage our services to assist them to source and acquire without headaches, overpaying or a protracted process.

Within one week of engaging our services we had found “the one”. We efficiently and effectively secured this home for our clients – well under budget and under market value. This was all during an extremely low stock market.

Our clients are thrilled to be First Home Owners whom enjoyed a stress free, fast and money saving journey with K&M.


With over 100 parties having inspected this property within 2 days, our clients knew they needed expert assistance in acquiring their dream apartment.

Navigating due diligence items and ensuring we were ready to pull the trigger, we swooped in at lightening speed.  We managed to pull the rug out from all other buyers.

Whilst 162 buyers did not purchase this apartment – our clients did. That’s the Kitty & Miles difference.