Latest Client Buys - november 2021

Buyers agent Sydney


Being new to the Sydney property market can be quite eye opening for home buyers. It’s not easy to comprehend what you can realistically get for your budget in Sydney.

Our journey with our clients here were to reassure them they could still acquire a property they’d dearly love, that they weren’t going to miss the boat or overpay.

Sourcing in just the right location, preferred style and lifestyle factors meant all K&M had to do was close the deal for the right price. Saving our clients at least 50k along the way, we ensured a happy ending to this story.

Buyers agent Sydney

Forreston, SA

Having lost their forever home in the bushfires of Adelaide a few years back, our clients were hoping to one day find and secure their next, and ultimate, forever home.

The Adelaide Hills property market sky rocketed during the process and our clients were priced out of the market and up the creek without a paddle so to speak.

It took time, and a generous amount of thinking outside the box as a team, but in the end we zeroed in and acquired the dream home without the need for additional finance.

It took a while, but good things certainly do come to those who wait ❣️

Buyers agent Sydney


Feeling you’re priced out of the Sydney property market is a feeling our client couple knew well.

There is nothing that motivates Team Kitty & Miles more than acquiring property for those whom feel disheartened they cannot buy. This case was just that!

Not only did we support our clients with their brief creation, but we held their hands throughout the property buying process so as to give them the best chance of acquiring what they wanted within their budget.

The end result was a beautiful new home for a client couple whom deserved to find happiness. Home sweet home! 
Buyers agent Sydney

Forest Lodge

There are times when purchasing a property via auction is the only way to acquire. This was one of those occasions.

Our lovely, young client couple had been seeking their dream home. We managed to find it but were very much stuck with heading to auction to acquire. In a hot market we were hoping to avoid an auction buy.

Knowing the path in front of us, we prepared, researched, analysed and crunched data to come up with precisely the number needed to secure this property at auction.

A fierce auction took place, coming down to buyer’s agent against buyer’s agent. We did our job strategically and won!

Buyers agent Sydney


Finding the penultimate unicorn property is every client’s dream – and it’s not often achievable in reality.

In this case the team at Kitty & Miles managed to find the absolute winner winner chicken dinner property for our relocating client – to the point where our client got a little teary with gratitude.

An assertive negotiation and deal closure on the same day as inspection allowed our client to rest easy that their dream was now their reality.

A beautiful story of teamwork, passion and dedication that produced incredible results!