Latest Client Buys - NOVEMBER 2022

Client Buy - November - 30 Annandale



Being from overseas meant our clients felt a little out of their depth purchasing their new home in the Sydney market. Never fear! Kitty & Miles are here!

Acquiring this property for a solid price, with ample inclusions and extras of substantial value, made the outcome for our clients that much sweeter – and way under market value too.

Our clients have an ample budget in their kitty to be able to create the home of their dreams for a fraction of the cost of buying turnkey. Ka-ching!

Client Buy - November - 201/24 Ashfield



Needing particular specifications met, our client felt they would have difficulty finding their dream apartment – was it really achievable? “Yes!” we told our client and we set forth to make their dream a reality.

In only a short month we had found the absolute cracker of an apartment our client was to call their home. We even negotiated some extras into the mix to really ensure our client got the most bang for their buck!

This is why we are here…to help optimise our client purchase and make sure they receive the best price (and inclusions) possible.

Client Buy - November - 7/32 Greenacre



Can you buy a property in Sydney with less than 300k, achieve over 5% rental yield and run cashflow positive each month? 

Our repeat investor client didn’t think so until we sourced and purchased them this off-market property.

Costing less than $300,000 and we have a renovated Sydney unit less than 20kn from the CBD!

Needless to say, our client was very happy with their 3rd purchase with K&M.