Latest Client Buys - october 2021

Buyers agent Sydney


As a serial property investor, our clients were in the know with what they were looking for. However, they were time poor and wanted an efficient sourcing and acquisition process.

We gave these clients just that – with the time from service engagement to contract exchange being 1 week.

This property ticked all the boxes for our clients and we drove the deal home so as to acquire under market value. 

In a strong property market, buying under market value takes advanced level expertise and skill. Go Team K&M!

Buyers agent Sydney


This was precisely the property our client was wanting to buy but they were nervous as the property market was rising – would this property be able to be acquired within their budget???

We tracked the market daily, assessing and analysing the specific location and trends that were apparent. Appraisal and re-appraisal took place accordingly.

The result? We appraised this property correctly for our client and went to auction bidding to win. This we did. Our client was thrilled! 
Buyers agent Sydney


Winning at auction is what we do best, but we also know when it is best to avoid buying at auction too.

In this case, we had no choice – an auction purchase was on the cards.

Our auction preparation, via appraisal and re-appraisal of the property, in depth market analysis and communication with our clients meant we had all our ducks in a row come auction day. And our clients were informed, comfortable and confident.

Strategy can result in an auction win, even when the budget is a bit tight. This was a case where strategy nailed the win without a dollar left in the tank. Phew! Time to celebrate!

Buyers agent Sydney

Lower Pappinbarra

When you can envision the farm you want to buy, with all the features and business potential you need, but you just don’t know where to start to make your dream your reality…

You call up Kitty & Miles for assistance!

We found the dream farm – right down to the creek frontage, mass of arable land and proximity to the desired town/city.

A great experience in sourcing rural/regional properties for clients through our network of local agents and their hospitality. 

There’s nothing quite like making a passion project come to life.

Buyers agent Sydney

Bruce, A.C.T.

Our repeat clients were seeking their second positively geared investment property in another state – the first had been South Australia and now we were sourcing in the ACT.

Finding just the right mix of growth potential, rental yield, minimal fuss style, and ease of tenancy never is an easy feat.

However, we managed to find just the right property to deliver the outcome needs our clients required.

Negotiations underway, deal done, investor clients now with property number 2!

Buyers agent Sydney


Jumping from the rental market into the residential property buyer market can be daunting at the best of times, let alone in a heated Sydney property market.

Our client was seeking something unique, with flair and a homely feel and had a budget that needed to be respected.

Team K&M sourced the dream property and secured it below market value via an efficient pre-auction offer. Never mind the hot property market – there are still good value buys to be had.

Happy first home buyer!