Latest Client Buys - october 2022

Client Buy - October - 1-Bankstown



Our clients were quite nervous as they had sold a property and settlement was looming. Could they buy their next home and coordinate settlement to move into this new home a few days after their first property settles? Surely this was not possible. But they hoped so…

Their question was “can you really source and acquire homes that fast? In under 4 weeks?”. Yes, we can. We do so regularly with our voluminous network of sales agents and streamlined home buyer secret formula.

Fast forward just 6 days and next home is acquired. Settlement is coordinated and our happy next homebuyer clients are now busy celebrating.

Client Buy - 75 Mawson ACT



Our client was keen to leave the Sydney rat race and relocate to Canberra to be closer to family. They’d been trying to purchase on their own for some time. Frustration finally led them to reach out to Kitty & Miles for buying assistance.

It took the Kitty & Miles team just 2 weeks to secure this dream property for our client – a lovely, sunny 1 bedroom unit with a gorgeous outlook. 

We came in well under budget too, leaving our client with savings for a rainy day (or to enjoy a vacation!).

property buyers agent


Being a first home buyer is tough in Sydney. Having relocated from the UK and having little understanding of the Sydney market only added to our clients’ anxiety.

A past client referred this lovely first home buyer couple to the team at K&M and, as a team, we delivered in truckloads for these newbies!

Dream home sourced within 3 days. Acquisition strategy devised and executed in 3 days. Dream home won at auction within 2 more days. How’s that for a stress free, efficient and comfortable client process?! Time to celebrate!