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A new home without the stress of
buying a new home

We all get to a point where we’ve outgrown our current home. The charm wears off and we’re ready to plant new roots. But often people will avoid making the move sooner because it’s such a demanding process.

On average, you can spend 200 hours of your spare time buying property – that’s time spent reviewing website listings and visiting open homes when you could be spending quality time with your loved ones.  It’s time to take back your weekends and let us do the running around for you. 

With our secret property buying recipe, we’ll typically take you from service engagement to contract exchange in 4-6 weeks.

Timing is

When you’re buying a new home, there’s also your current home to consider. You’ll want to align purchases as closely as possible to avoid renting too long in the interim – that’s wasted money after all. On average, the buying journey can take between, 6-12 months. Let’s say you need to rent a home at a modest rental price of $700 for 12 months. That’s $36,400 that could go towards your new home.

With the award winning team at Kitty & Miles, you can typically have a new home within 1-2 months. In the past, we’ve even found a home and closed a deal within 4 days! You could effectively sell your home and start the search within the settlement period. We have a network of sales agents we liaise with regularly, combined with the skill and precision in market negotiations, to close the deal and have you owning your property sooner.

More bang
for your buck

When you have your finger on the real estate market pulse, you’ll get a substantially lower price. If you’re busy doing your day job, it’s hard to stay on top of the market. This is what we do. Let us help you maximise your buying buck.

Of course, it’s not enough to just know the market. Our buyers agent services use innovative and real time market data. Our market analysis and property appraisals are backed by science, not just untested experience. We have award-winning expertise in statistical analysis and data interpretation, so we can make sure that you’re getting true value for money.

Not only are we highly attuned to the property market, we also possess high level negotiation skills, so when it comes to closing the deal, we’ll make sure more money is left in your pocket. Learn why we’re master negotiators – it all boils down to our renowned expertise in human psychology.

Your dream home
may not be listed yet

It’s not something many people know, but there’s an increasing volume of properties that are held off market. Real estate sales agents are more likely to contact a reputable Buyers Agent who will have clients on hand that are qualified buyers, than list a property on market and hope for the best.

We gain pre-market access on properties too, to get you ahead of the pack. Our agents often find exclusive sellers just for our clients so there is zero competition with other buyers. That’s one serious buyer advantage if we’ve ever seen one!

A better
buying process

You’re not a newbie to the property market, so you’re aware of all the pitfalls of buying a home. A little bit of past buyer’s regret may be why you landed here in the first place. We’ll make sure this time you’re purchase experience is positive.

Here’s how we’ll make this buying experience the best it can be:

  • No agent will be able to smooth talk you into a sale
  • Your emotions won’t blind you to cold hard facts of the market or issues with the home
  • We’ll keep you focussed on your non-negotiables – price, location, number of rooms etc
  • We’re here to help you avoid buying a trap:
    • We’ll help you connect with the right building and pest inspectors to check the structure of the building
    • We’ll check all the nitty gritty too by making sure everything is functioning properly and no secret mould etc
  • We’ll make sure it’s right for your lifestyle – maintenance and property features

We’ll be with you every step of the way and will take the time to really understand you on a human level. We aren’t property robots! We can provide full service for a private sale or an auction or you can just seek our help on what you need. From start to finish, our services include:

  • The search
  • The appraisal / evaluation
  • The negotiation
  • The bid / buy
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Settlement

What to expect when you sign up for the
complete concierge service with Kitty & MILES

While most buyers agents complete and invoice their services with you at the time of exchange of sales contracts, we will be by your side for the entire process. We take pride in providing an individually tailored Buyers Agent service that concludes on your date of settlement.

The first step involves you reviewing a draft of our Buyers’ Agency Agreement. If everything feels right, you’ll sign it and we’ll start the process.

We’ll then send through a tax invoice for our retainer fee payment. Once this is finalised our services are officially enlisted.

We’ll undertake property sourcing, shortlisting, inspections, and reporting for you. We’ll discuss the options until we whittle down to 1-2 preferred properties of interest

We’ll liaise with your conveyancing solicitor, arrange building and strata inspectors etc to ensure all due diligence procedures are duly undertaken

Strategy of acquisition is devised in consultation with you and negotiations (or auction bidding) are undertaken. Auction bidding is included within our service fee.

We’ll ensure smooth contract exchange occurs.

Toward settlement a final invoice is sent with the balance of our fee payable.

Yes, we even assist with settlement and ensure your transition to ownership is stress free and comfortable.

Kitty & Miles provides professional advocacy for all kinds of buyers and support at every stage of the buying process. Our innovative style of property research reduces cost, time, stress and legwork for you. Are you ready to go from sign up to home purchase in likely under 6 weeks, making the most of your time and buying budget?

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