Our Clients

While the real estate industry may still be stuck in the dark ages of Jane and John with two kids, we at Kitty & Miles know the face of property buying across Australia has changed dramatically over the past decade.

Kitty & Miles embrace a custom of inclusivity, no matter your race, religion, age, job title, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. Or anything else for that matter.

We are an empathic, culturally sensitive and down-to-earth team. At Kitty & Miles we believe anyone seeking to purchase property deserves the right to access the advocacy services of a property Buyers Agent.

Our clients come from all walks of life and we appreciate the knowledge, experiences and personal situations our clients present to us. We are not ‘elite buyer agents’ but simply the Buyers Agent for any and every folk ☺️.

Whether you are a busy family wishing to enter the investment property market, a single millennial looking to purchase their live-in apartment, a single mom kicking goals to get into the property arena, or a same-sex couple taking that next step in commitment by purchasing a property together, you are more than welcome to share your property dreams with us and allow us to assist in creating the property reality you desire. 

Our Buyers Agent services are available to:

  • Home buyers;
  • Investment property purchasers;
  • Those buying property via a SMSF; 
  • Overseas buyers;
  • Those wishing to settle our fee using cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH).
  • All nationalities, genders, family types, orientations and income levels.

We encourage our prospective clients to have undertaken the following before enlisting our services as their Buyers Agent:

  • Obtained loan pre-approval from their lender or mortgage broker;
  • Committed themselves to the property purchasing process;
  • Understood that open and accessible lines of communication are required for all parties to achieve the successful outcome desired. E.g. we can’t buy property for you if we can’t contact you 😳.
Buyers Agent Individuals

We are more than the investment property Buyers Agent, more than the first time home buyer real estate agent and certainly more than a buyer broker.

And we know you are more than a number, more than a buyers realtor client, more than a sale. You are a living and breathing unique human being. Our bespoke buyers advocate service is tailored to your own unique position and requirements.

We uphold our values throughout every aspect of our customer experience with you – our spirit of inclusivity is not just to sound good. We take PRIDE in who you are and your commitment to purchasing property with our buyers advocacy services.

We respect you have entrusted us with the deeply personal task of acquiring your property, a property that may well be the largest purchase you make in your lifetime. We do not take this lightly. Our thanks to you is shown at every step throughout our service delivery.