26 Styles St., Leichhardt


Property: House
Attributes: 2 bed 1 bath 0 car
Purpose: Residential
Acquired Via: Private Treaty Sale
Time to Acquisition: 11 weeks from service engagement

Being a young couple trying to get into the Sydney housing market on a tight budget is never fun. Doing so in early 2021 with the crazy market shenanigans of recent made our clients feel they should give up their dream. Maybe they should just go for an apartment instead…?

Determined to get them the land footprint to set them up strongly as first home buyers, we pulled out every single stop with this particular matter.

We managed to find a property within their tight budget, that we acquired for a bargain price, and that ticked all their boxes and then some! Another K&M success story!

William St Mittagong

buyers advocate real estate


Property: House
Attributes: 3 bed 2 bath 5 car
Purpose: Investment
Acquired Via: Off-Market purchase  
Time to Acquisition: 10 weeks from service engagement

Having purchased our clients’ residential home, they were keen to engage our services to purchase their first investment property also.

The target location was desired by our clients and we set out to find just the right home to deliver investment excellence.

Through our Southern Highlands networks we found the perfect off-market home. We managed to snap up this home without buyer competition at a very reasonable price (well under market value).

The home has additional value add components which will allow our clients to manufacture extra capital growth for themselves too. 

Pixie Hollow Ct Eagleby

on the house valuation


Property: House
Attributes: 2 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: SMSF Investment
Acquired Via: Off-Market purchase  
Time to Acquisition: 4 weeks from service engagement

Buying a property within a SMSF is not as easy as one assumes. There are lender requirements to be met, rental yield parameters to ensure taxation benefits are accessed, and admin that is specific to Trust purchases.

Our goal at K&M was to acquire the best asset class for our client’s capital growth needs, whilst also ensuring a high enough rental yield to run neutrally geared. This task may sound simple but piecing together all the pieces of the puzzle and finding this purchase in a home – and not a unit or townhouse – is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

We found that unicorn property off-market and purchased under market value. Winning for our client!

4 New St Bondi

auction deal


Property: Apartment
Attributes: 1 bed 1 bath 0 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer 
Acquired Via: Pre-Auction Offer  
Time to Acquisition: 7 weeks from service engagement

As our clients had relocated from overseas, their priority was to stay proximal to their friendship and lifestyle community. They knew, however, that they didn’t really have the budget to do so. 

Being transparent with our clients from the start, we were able to construct a brief that met our clients’ needs AND budget.

The team at K&M set out to find just the right property to suit our client’s tastes and finances. Having found “the one” we knew we needed to move with precision and speed to outplay other buyers.

Suffice to say, our process was diligent yet fast. We ended up achieving an exceptional outcome for our clients – and snapped up their dream property!

15 Benton Ave Artarmon

buyers agent


Property: Apartment
Attributes: 2 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: Gen Z First Home Buyer
Acquired Via: Pre-Auction Offer 
Time to Acquisition: 7 weeks from service engagement

When it comes to understanding the property buying needs of Gen Z, the team at Kitty & Miles slays!

Our young first home buyer knew what would make them feel at home, but wasn’t confident they could optimise the purchasing task end-to-end themselves. That’s what we are here for at K&M.

We sourced the apartment our client fell in love with but it was likely to be just beyond budget. A prompt pre-auction offer and rapport with the sales agent led to us successfully securing this lovely unit for our client.

3 Newhaven Place St Ives

buyers advocate richmond

St Ives

Property: Unit
Attributes: 3 bed 2 bath 2 car
Purpose: Residential 
Acquired Via: Private Treaty Purchase for Downsizers
Time to Acquisition: 6 weeks from service engagement

Downsizing is no easy feat. Our clients felt they could do with the expert assistance of the K&M team so as to align the sale of their family home and also the purchase of their next, lower maintenance, home.

Understanding the nuances of the downsizing demographic is our forte. We presented our clients with two exceptional options and both were “the dream” for our clients. 

Considering the one that would time most timely with our clients’ sale, and also the greater cost saving option, we proceeded to secure the preferred home. Acquired at more than 6-figures under market value as an exclusive purchase, our clients were thrilled at saving over $100,000 on their purchase.

Mullbong Rd Blackwall

buyers advocate


Property: House
Attributes: 5 bed 3 bath 2 car
Purpose: Lifestyle Change 
Acquired Via: Private Treaty 
Time to Acquisition: 5 days from service engagement

Being the third home purchase for our clients, and having had two dud purchases prior, our clients sought assistance in ensuring this purchase was spot on.

Our clients were nervous, and understandably so, as they had experienced very traumatic home buying scenarios in the past. Feeling comforted, supported and validated was just as important as the house hunt and purchase itself.

Finding the perfect next home, our clients then wanted to ensure this one was going to deliver – in lifestyle enjoyment, personal preferences, and also future wealth creation.

This home ticked all the boxes and was secured within a heartbeat. Cheers to many years of happiness and finally a solid property purchase!

Rofe St Leichhardt

auction reserve


Property: House
Attributes: 2 bed 1 bath 0 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer 
Acquired Via: Off-market Purchase
Time to Acquisition: 10 weeks from service engagement

Our First Home Buyer clients were keen to optimise their purchase from a financial perspective, but also tick off some personal preferences too. This was proving to be a little bit of a struggle for them to achieve.

Never fear as Team K&M are here to support, guide and educate along the way!

In the end, our purchase was one with substantial value add components, allowing our clients to build exceptional wealth creation through both manufactured capital growth and equity building.

We also managed to get the dream suburb that was well out of their budget range – at a saving of at least 50k if the property had gone to auction!

Salisbury Lane Rosebery



Property: Torrens Title Townhouse
Attributes: 2 bed 2 bath 1 car
Purpose: Residential Purchase
Acquired Via: Auction
Time to Acquisition: 3 weeks from service engagement

As next home buyers, our clients were keen to ensure the equity they’d built in their first home buy was put to good use.

The unicorn home was found but was beyond our clients budget. We tried to find an alternative, but kept coming back to “the dream”.

Our success came down to auction bidding tactics and a strategy that removed other bidders and eliminated further competition. We ended up winning the dream home just under budget!

A very pleasant surprise all round!

Boronga Ave West Pymble

West Pymble

Property: House
Attributes: 4 bed 2 bath 2 car
Purpose: Next Home Buyers
Acquired Via: Pre-Auction Offer
Time to Acquisition: 3 weeks from service engagement

Looking for a home that is renovated to a high quality and also reasonably priced is not always easy in Sydney.

Our clients had been finding turn key homes were selling for an arm and a leg, so enlisted the team at Kitty & Miles to assist them to get the winning edge – and save money also.

We found the absolute dream home that was pristine from top to bottom. Negotiations were extremely tough and took a little longer than expected, but we managed to snap up this home under market value and without needing to go to auction.

Having found and secured the perfect next home for our clients in less than a month, and under market value, our clients were over the moon.