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belconnen, a.c.t.

Property: Apartment
Attributes: 1 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: Investment
Acquired Via: Auction 
Time to Acquisition: 13.5 weeks from service engagement

Getting one’s ducks lined up so as to tick every box of a SMSF investment property purchase is not an easy task, and one our clients were happy to delegate to the team at K&M.

Future wealth creation through property must be uniquely designed according to the individual client’s outcome requirements.

In this case, we acquired precisely the right property, at the logical price point, with a delivery of above 6% gross rental yield p.a. and with the addition of excellent, stable growth prospects.

Don’t wind up with a pipe dream SMSF investment property that does not deliver for your retirement years. The K&M team know what to buy and where so as to meet your retirement needs.


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