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Property: House
Attributes: 3 bed 1 bath 1 car
Purpose: First Home Buyer 
Acquired Via: Off-market Purchase
Time to Acquisition: 6 weeks from service engagement

Knowing they had a modest budget to work with, our first home buyer clients had determined some locations for their brief that were beyond their dream suburbs.

Low and behold though, the Team at K&M sourced the perfect off-market gem in the #1 dream suburb! However, we knew we didn’t quite have the budget to secure this winner and multiple Buyers Agents were interested in the home for their clients….

We had to think of a super smart and innovative strategy to get this one over the line, and fast! 

Low and behold, from inspection to contract exchange was all of 4 hours. This was a highly strategic and lightening fast acquisition, that enabled us to leave every other Buyers Agent in the dust. And we also managed to secure the dream home, in the dream location, for under market value! 

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