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Regional property ownership 101!

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Fresh air, quiet days, silent nights, privacy, space – you name it. There’s no denying that country life is becoming more and more enticing to homeowners as cities and suburbs continue to rise and expand in size. And with more people relishing the ability to work from home, it’s no wonder the idyllic image of rural life has people ready to up and move to the country in search of a ‘better life’. 

But rural living is actually very different to what you might have in mind, so let’s take a look at some things you need to be aware of before taking that locational leap. 


Location and isolation

Firstly, you’ll need to consider just how isolated you’re willing to become once you leave the city. While the idea of a giant block away from the hustle and bustle may appeal to you now, being far removed from the necessities and amenities you’ve become accustomed to can actually be a shock to the system. 

When looking for a home in a rural area, should check proximities to the nearest hospital and medical practice, school, petrol station, airport, and of course grocery store. You should also keep in mind the time it would take to visit your family (or have them visit you). Is it a long and complicated drive? Is the person doing the driving capable of driving long distance? If you need to be within driving distance of family or friends, no more than an hour and a half driving time is often achievable for most people. 

Think about what other amenities you may need or even want, such as cafés, gyms and community groups. If you can’t do without a barista coffee on your way to work, or have become accustomed to stopping for a quick Maccas brekkie each morning, you may need to re-evaluate your lifestyle habits or even your dream home location.



Visualising acres and acres of land is one thing, but maintaining it is a whole other kettle of fish! Owning a rural property commonly involves learning about things such as fencing, pastures, animal care (if you choose to have them) and what to do if your livestock face health complications such as in birthing or from the frost. 

While you may want that enviable block of farm land for a few cows and some sheep, the reality is that caring for livestock and ensuring your paddock is well kept at all times is a mighty big job – and one that requires expert knowledge. 


Off-grid living

When you live in the city for long enough, you really do become accustomed to having all your amenities connected and running smoothly. And if an issue were to occur, a local plumber or handyman is always just a phone call away. 

In the country, properties are rarely connected to the mains! And your tradesmen may not be as accessible as you’d like. So what does this mean for you? Learning about water tanks, septic systems, bottled gas, bore water – the lot to ensure you can get yourself out of a pickle in difficult circumstances. 

Connecting to the internet can also prove difficult in rural areas, especially if NBN has not yet been supplied to the property. You will need to evaluate your phone plans and devices to see which provider (and phone model) supports a satellite connection before you make the big move. 


Choosing a builder

Thinking of building on rural land? Opt for local tradespeople, as they will have the most knowledge of the local area and solid experience in constructing rural dwellings. 

A local builder with the skills to complete your home build will also manage things like bushfire ratings and flood threats. Though this may feel like a foreign concern to you, keep in mind that regional areas are typically more exposed to extreme weather than some urban environments.


If you want to own a home on a big piece of land, or one that is located far from the big city hustle and bustle, we are the buyers advocate for you! Our Australian buyers agency will help you find the property of your dreams. Just call us on (02) 8916 6172 or email our team at for more information!

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