Evaluation and Negotiation Service (ENS)

$ 6500
  • Service Engagement Fee of $3000
  • Success Fee of $3500

Examples of Our Recent Client Purchases

What to expect when you sign up for this service?

Buyers agent

To engage our Evaluation and Negotiation Service, we begin by drafting a Buyer’s Agency Agreement. This agreement protects all parties throughout our working relationship. We include details of your property brief within this agreement too. This agreement is reviewed by you and signed by all parties.

Next we send you our tax invoice for our service engagement fee of $3000. Once this invoice is finalised our buyer’s agent services are officially engaged (and we now get to the exciting part for you!)

We conduct a thorough, high level evaluation and appraisal of  your chosen property. Our research will provide you with a realistic purchase price guide within the current market.

We also include contingencies within our appraisal so as to provide you with the scope of information you require about your preferred property.

We will liaise with your conveyancing solicitor, building and strata inspectors, and other necessary professionals, to ensure all due diligence procedures are duly undertaken to your benefit.

If something is awry, or uncertain, we will question it on your behalf so as to ensure all items are satisfactorily covered for you.

We are always happy to recommend a trusted due diligence professional within our network should you not have your own. Our reputation rests on those we recommend so we don’t take our recommendations lightly!

Our acquisition strategy is always devised in consultation with you.

We will undertake all negotiations, auction bidding, or pre-auction offers on your behalf so you may rest easy and feel confident we are closing the deal with your best interests in mind.

No matter the method of purchase, we will facilitate a smooth exchange of sales contracts on your behalf.

You don’t need to worry about a thing – we are here.

Our success invoice will be forwarded to you, the balance being $3500. This fee is only payable once we have acquired your property for you.

You do the search. We will ensure the acquisition.

Allow us to confidently secure your chosen property - faster, better and cheaper.